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AardvarkBark's real name is George .. George is located in Illinois / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 21, 2007. He has a total of 182 public recordings that have been viewed 9,841 times and 332 achievement points.

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The cookies pic in my profile are from my daughter Andrea who baked for me for Father's Day, 2020. Yummmm! There's a light bulb cookie when a new idea hits me, there is one representing Singsnap letters, there are computer screens that I'm on constantly for fun or business, musical notes, karaoke mics, and other sweet stuff fashioned for the things I like to do. She is such a sweet heart, and a very creative one too.

Aside from cookies my likes are recording and listening to simple or 'unusual' songs, rock and roll and country oldies, and a variety of everything in between. But, I also enjoy listening to and commenting on all sorts of other music and styles as well.

I prefer not to engage in contests or compete with anyone because of some not-so-hot experiences with bling on places like Writing.com of which I was once a very active member, I’ll leave that to others to work out. But, I would never turn down anything that someone chooses to give freely, especially when it's from the heart. Those are like Christmas presents to me and of which I'm very grateful.

I just like to sing, do moc radio style comedy sketches at times, make fun of myself, share poetry that I've written (some performed locally), buddy up with others for duets, take swipes at trying harmony though not good at it, go crazy now and then with comments just for fun on various songs that others sing, and to make new friends wherever I can and hang on dearly to the ones I already have!.

I'm married to Sue and have been for 42 years this past June 10th. Our 4 kids are all grown up now and flew the coop but we have grand kids that take up the slack! No great grands yet, but we're always hoping. Our grand daughter Audrey (eldest) just GOT MARRIED the other day to her sweetie she met in college. More babies please! MORE BABIES!!!

I'm a USAF Vietnam Era Veteran who served in Europe, Africa, and stateside maintaining aircraft weapons systems on the McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom fighter bomber and the Republic F-105 Thunderchief fighter bomber assigned to the Black Sheep Squadron...the famed 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron that has served the Air Force at various locations over the years including the bases where I was stationed; Spangdahlem Germany (Eifel region near Trier), Wheelus AFB outside of Tripoli Libya in North Africa, and Holloman AFB (White Sands National Proving Grounds) outside of Alamogordo, NM.

After the service and returning to Illinois from living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I hired on at General Telephone in our city as a Service Technician and stuck around for 22 years while working in many areas of the Telecommunications business. both in union and management positions. After that I joined Northern Telecom Systems in Chicago as a Test Engineer, then became employed by State Farm Corporate Network Operations as a Telecom Systems Analyst. I stayed there until retiring early in 2007 and enjoy it very much.

I've been a member of Singsnap off and on since 2007 and love it. But sometimes I need a break from it to pursue other things. It helps to get away and to try other things from time time that makes life fun, fresh, active, and interesting.

When I do get a chance to sing something.....I try to do the the best I can (with some intentional exceptions that is) and put it out there to see what others think. To me that’s what makes Singsnap so interesting and exciting. It's a place where 'what others think' really does matter to me because It's stimulating and encourages me to sing better and have fun in the process. For me singing is truly a constant work in progress! Making new friends is another.

Reviewing others and commenting: I try, like so many do who care about their music and the music that others sing, to leave comments that are encouraging to others. I'm not one to post a lot of graphics, even though I do love it when others do. I usually post as many comments as I can to song pages as time permits. Sometimes it's only one posting, sometimes multiple ones. Commenting is just what Brook Benton sings about...Its just a matter of time. When I have time I try to review and comment as much as time allows.
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