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I am a small town girl who was probably a great singer in a past current life, uhhh, not so much! ha ha.

I have met some really sweet people here and I truly enjoy getting to know you song by song and through pm's and comments..on here and on other messengers or FB.

Life is what we make of it..nothing more and nothing less.


Jan. 28, 2009:
It may be a few months before I can sing again, I just went through surgery for thyroid cancer and my vocals are just not working well enough to sing. I read some blogs on a support site and from others who have been through this, it could take 3 months to get my vocals back. They become paralyzed and it takes a good while to get the swelling out and for things to go back to normal. I am just a week and 2 days out of surgery (Jan. 19,2009) so I still have a long is frustrating to hurry up and wait..but in the meantime...Cancer is gone! yay!!

I started a low iodine diet today, this is a 14 day process of elimination of iodine from my body. This is to starve the remaining thyroid tissue to an extreme and it will then sponge up iodine from the radioactive iodine pill I have to swallow on 3-09-09--thus burning out the tissue completely. During this time, which started today, I am banned from driving..haha That is the hardest part. The cooking is no problem, I am good at throwing stuff together and I also have a fancy cookbook for this special diet, just in case I need some ideas. In a nutshell, I canNOT have any dairy, bread, pre packaged foods containing salt, soy, no restaurant foods, eggs (whites only),Fish or anything from the sea including sea salt and Kelp, nothing containing Red Dye #3. What I CAN have is: fresh vegetables, fresh meat with no injections of flavors or colorings, dry beans, Rice, Pasta (not egg based), canned vegetables that are labled no salt added and the ingredients back it up by not listing salt, Frozen plain vegetables with the same qualifications as above, fresh fruits and frozen fruits but no marachino cherries because of the dye, I can have coffee but no creamer--even non dairy creamer, coke and diet cokes and clear sodas--just not colored ones such as red, grape and orange..due to the dyes, I can have salt---just not iodized salt, I can have all kinds of spices, olive oil , canola oil, and I can make my own breads as long as I begin with plain flour and cornmeal and add yeast or baking powder and kosher salt.

I probably left out half of it but this is the diet in a nutshell. Any questions?

June 02, 2009 I am currently trying to sing and flex my vocal muscles a bit..I can see and hear some improvements since surgery, yet it is slow...4 months now and I am trying to have some patience because I am not back 100%..and may never be..I am very thankful for the improvements that have been made thus far and I anticipate more changes down the road. If you can put up with me NOW then I can put up with myself..haha!

July 24, 2009

Aug. 10, 2009
Day 3 of the low iodine diet AGAIN, this is for the 6th month check up thing. Gettin my body ready for another scan and radioactive iodine pill and more tests aug. 24th, 25th, and 26th at the Markey Cancer Center. I hope everything goes off without a hitch. Wish me luck!

Aug. 23rd. Finishing my packing- tomorrow bloodwork and a radioiodine tracer pill. Then a U/S of my neck and CT of chest, tuesday back to nuclear medicne for scans and to see my doctor afterwards. Wednesday in nuclear medicine and hopefully then I get to come home . To see my Dr.'s Website go to (he's not hard to look at haha).

Aug. 24th. Had bloodwork then went to nuclear medicine to have a radioiodine tracer pill, afterwards went to the UK Medical Hospital and had a neck ultrasound and they found a couple of places they wanted to I had some needle biopsies and then I went to have a CT scan on my chest. I hopefully will find out the results of my biopsies tomorrow..whether there were any cancerous cells etc... Tomorrow I go back to nuclear medicine and then to see my doctor in oncology.

Aug. 25th. Dr. gave me good news from yesterdays testing..everything came back clean! today I had other scans and tomorrow one more set of scans and my fingers are crossed once again that those are all okay. will update later!

Aug. 26th. I had 2 more scans today..neck and chest. They made me eat a large lemon an hour before the scans. The doc came down to where I was at in Nuclear Medicine and personally looked at yesterday and today's scans and said that things look good, he said the concern is thru my antibodies but we were just going to keep a close eye on them..I go back in 6 months (Feb.) for a bone Xray and bloodwork. I DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS LOW IODINE DIET again for ONE YEAR!!!!! yayyy!!! I am still restricted from driving until the 6th which is about 10 more days. Right now I am having to get my levels of hormones back to good and I am currently eating normally again ..sweet

Sept. 21-2009
Life is sweet~

Nov. 30 -2009
I've made it through almost a year since surgery and I am continually thankful for the blessings and for life. I try to laugh every single day, no matter what.

July 14th 2010. Still trying to get my vocals to stretch and I have almost resigned myself to accept my limitations..almost..not completely Okay new stuff: I will be going through the radioactive iodine stuff again soon, this time with a twist. On the 25th of this month I start the low iodine diet again (see above), but instead of being hypothyroid during this time I will receive 2 injections into my arm muscle of thyrogen, one shot on Aug.9th and then another in the opposite arm on the 10th. Aug. 11th I go back to Markey Cancer Center for the radioactive iodine tracer pill. August 12th and 13th I have 2 complete body scans and bloodwork as well on the 13th.

The difference this time is the thyrogen shots, I will also not have to go off of my thyroid medicine MEANING that I will not become hypothyroid and that means I can drive and work and I will not feel horrid so those shots certainally sweetens the pot * one concern I do have is that I read from my doctors yahoo support group site that there is a shortage of thyrogen. I don't know if this will affect me.