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71man is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 18, 2007. He has a total of 3 public recordings that have been viewed 179 times and 192 achievement points.

I find it funny that I even have to put this detail on my profile page on a website that is intended for music and singing. However, I will share this small piece of info just so it is known.

I do not come to this web page for romantic intentions or personal hook-ups. This web site strictly allows me to do what my passion in life is....singing. A passion that I've never been able to follow very far...and through this site I can pretend, at least for a few seconds, that maybe I can show the world my voice and maybe it can be appreciated. Comments are appreciated, and any personal interaction due to the music is appreciated with boundaries. This is not a dating site, it is not a hook-up site. I don't interact that way with anyone on here...nor is it my intention to do so. If you have been contacted on any other web site by anyone named 71man...that is not me. I know this has happened, and there is someone out there hitting on women and directing them here. Again...that person is not me.

I just come here to sing and share the joy of singing with friends that want to share with me. If you are wanting to hook-up romantically, I suggest finding someone who you can see and touch....spend time with and get to truly know. That is not done properly here. my friend in music...and create no drama. Then this web site can be fully enjoyed.

Thank you for respecting this.