Staff & Volunteers

One of SingSnap's greatest assets is all our amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to help us build the best possible site we can. Here is an overview of staff members and all our volunteer teams and their functions on the site. Click here to contact us if you're interested in volunteering.


We keep the lights on at the SingSnap headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. You can contact us from the Help section. Trevor is the President & CEO of the company.

NovellaLEVEL 80

NovellaSTAFF +81


andrewLEVEL 29

andrewSTAFF +1

From Canada.
7 public recordings.

AnnieLEVEL 74

AnnieSTAFF +29

48 years old.
From Arizona, USA.
244 public recordings.

JasonLEVEL 32

JasonSTAFF +1

From Ontario, Canada.
89 public recordings.

markLEVEL 25


From Canada.
37 public recordings.



From Sweden.
No public recordings.

ralphLEVEL 25

ralphSTAFF +3

From Ontario, Canada.
234 public recordings.



30 years old.
From USA.
290 public recordings.

SingSnapSupportLEVEL 31


219 public recordings.

tonyLEVEL 48

tonySTAFF +14

From Ontario, Canada.
281 public recordings.

trevorLEVEL 35

trevorSTAFF +93

12 public recordings.

Chat Admins

The chat admins ensure that the SingSnap chat room is a pleasant experience for everyone and that it runs smoothly. More specifically they run the list of members in line to sing and make sure that everyone abide by the code of conduct and chat guidelines. Novella is the staff member responsible for this area.

PlaygirlukLEVEL 51

PlaygirlukCHAT-ADMIN +2




Starting all over again. New Mixer/with New Sound.r/af61d9f27

xenomarkLEVEL 66

xenomarkCHAT-ADMIN +2

SingSnap Rawks

Crazy-JennLEVEL 40

Crazy-JennCHAT-ADMIN +1

She Didn't Have Time r/ba6d5f3a7

Steve-GLEVEL 58


MRI follow up tomorrow at 11am

DevilessLEVEL 71

DevilessCHAT-ADMIN +1

It's raining, it's pouring, (NOT) but the old man is snoring (FOR REAL) lmao

SexyTexasBeautyLEVEL 50

SexyTexasBeautyCHAT-ADMIN +9

If You Cant Get Someone Out Of Your Head...Maybe They Are Supposed To Be There...Lifes To Short

sweetietlkLEVEL 55

sweetietlkCHAT-ADMIN +2

Happy Monday!! :-)

The_Voice2014LEVEL 80

The_Voice2014CHAT-ADMIN +56

Happy Monday Everyone :) <3

Uncle-PauleyLEVEL 76

Uncle-PauleyVOLUNTEER-VIP +2

Happy 4th Of July!!!

newfietinaLEVEL 43


Happiness is a healthy attitude,a greatful spirit,a clear conscience,and a heart full of love:)

melindaleaLEVEL 64

melindaleaCHAT-ADMIN +4

Decades of Music Round 3: forum/topic/b21392a4



175 public recordings.


amouseCHAT-ADMIN +1

34 years old.
From Australia.
1,792 public recordings.

BellamoonLEVEL 35


From Georgia, USA.
65 public recordings.

CheybabyxxLEVEL 74

CheybabyxxCHAT-ADMIN +51

From USA.
96 public recordings.

girl2btickledLEVEL 49

girl2btickledCHAT-ADMIN +1

44 years old.
From Germany.
124 public recordings.

Iceman1967LEVEL 53


42 years old.
From Ontario, Canada.
1,941 public recordings.

LiliMookaLEVEL 46


From New Zealand.
332 public recordings.

lovekidsmmLEVEL 47


42 years old.
From Georgia, USA.
130 public recordings.

masse4lifeLEVEL 48


From Tennessee, USA.
155 public recordings.



40 years old.
From Texas, USA.
195 public recordings.

triciahenryLEVEL 49

triciahenryCHAT-ADMIN +1

40 years old.
From USA.
244 public recordings.

UnintendedLEVEL 31

UnintendedCHAT-ADMIN +1

73 public recordings.

Community Admins

The community admins help staff with maintaining various areas of the site. Their duties include message board upkeep and organization, updating spotlight areas and assisting staff with various projects. The team works very hard to help keep things up to date and running smoothly. Novella is the staff member responsible for this area.

-Bev-LEVEL 61


If only my body had the energy that my mind has:)

_Cathy_LEVEL 62


Here's wishing all you snappers an amazing July

Magazine Team

The Magazine Team is the group responsible for researching, organizing and creating our official newsletter: SingSnap - The Magazine each month. The team works very hard to keep the SingSnap membership informed and entertained. Annie is the staff member responsible for this area.

ArkeosLEVEL 48


SingSnap magazine July 2015 : forum/topic/b81cdf9c

-Tas-LEVEL 65


Kindness travels more miles than hate

DefenseLEVEL 56


Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends on Snap!!

SheilaLEVEL 41


39 years old.
From West Virginia, USA.
112 public recordings.

SingSnap_MagazineLEVEL 11


1 public recording.

Special Events

The special events team are the individuals responsible for organizing and implementing SingSnap's special events such as official contests and challenges. They work tirelessly to provide the members of the website the best entertainment they can. Novella is the staff member responsible for this area.

KS_KutieLEVEL 57


Thanks For My Hearts :) <3

Sunny_KLEVEL 69


Something, something and more something

Fragile_WhispersLEVEL 69

Fragile_WhispersSPECIAL-EVENTS +37

Never be afraid to try, remember... Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

SingingRainbowLEVEL 74

SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS +6

J&D's Calendar girls(RESULTS) We'll be back in auditions in 2 weeks! Miss us hehe! xx

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 41

Cinnamon1965SPECIAL-EVENTS +3

49 years old.
From Texas, USA.
1,150 public recordings.

freespirit_txLEVEL 53

freespirit_txSPECIAL-EVENTS +2

From Texas, USA.
584 public recordings.

ShazyALEVEL 67


From Scotland.
603 public recordings.

sweetcheeks27LEVEL 45

sweetcheeks27SPECIAL-EVENTS +3

From New York, USA.
1,318 public recordings.