Staff & Volunteers

One of SingSnap's greatest assets is all our amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to help us build the best possible site we can. Here is an overview of staff members and all our volunteer teams and their functions on the site. Click here to contact us if you're interested in volunteering.


We keep the lights on at the SingSnap headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. You can contact us from the Help section. Trevor is the President & CEO of the company.

NovellaLEVEL 93

NovellaSNAP-STAR +112 +1

Thankful for those who lift up my spirits xo


RobSTAFF +41

Happy Thanksgiving! Try not to overeat on turkey! ;)

tonyLEVEL 64

tonySNAP-STAR +44

Happy Singing!

andrewLEVEL 30

andrewSTAFF +6

From Canada.
7 public recordings.

JasonLEVEL 34


From Ontario, Canada.
89 public recordings.

markLEVEL 33


From Canada.
37 public recordings.



From Sweden.
2 public recordings.

ralphLEVEL 30

ralphSTAFF +9

From Ontario, Canada.
237 public recordings.

RyanLEVEL 19

RyanSTAFF +3

28 years old.
From Ontario, Canada.
2 public recordings.

SingSnapSupportLEVEL 38

SingSnapSupportSTAFF +5

219 public recordings.

trevorLEVEL 42

trevorSTAFF +71

13 public recordings.

Chat Admins

The chat admins ensure that the SingSnap chat room is a pleasant experience for everyone and that it runs smoothly. More specifically they run the list of members in line to sing and make sure that everyone abide by the code of conduct and chat guidelines. Novella is the staff member responsible for this area.

ArkeosLEVEL 66

ArkeosSNAP-STAR +8

World needs love : r/b3795fc95

sweetietlkLEVEL 84

sweetietlkSNAP-STAR +48

Truth is what it is and not what you want it to be

Iceman1967LEVEL 67


To those that lost loved ones on friday the 13th ,Canada sends our prayers and thoughts yo you

xenomarkLEVEL 82


Things change. Always do. When it comes, you've got to grab with both hands, and hold on tight!

Steve-GLEVEL 65


The snow has started.. let it snow.. let it snow.. let it ... . . BRAAAAAAAP ! !

Crazy-JennLEVEL 52

Crazy-JennCHAT-ADMIN +2

Not my circus not my monkeys!!!! LMFAO!

rosearose8LEVEL 36


Not Home,At The Moment,So Plz Leave A Message.....Beepppppp

SexyTexasBeautyLEVEL 64

SexyTexasBeautyCHAT-ADMIN +4

I made it to the airport...waiting on Jason to land...I Love You Baby <3

newfietinaLEVEL 49

newfietinaCHAT-ADMIN +4

Happy thanksgiving to all that celebrate...HUGGS TO ALL

DevilessLEVEL 85

DevilessSNAP-STAR +1

Grrr sod it



Be thankful for what you have.Your life no matter how bad you think it is,is someone elses fairytale

amouseLEVEL 74

amouseSNAP-STAR +9

35 years old.
From Australia.
1,972 public recordings.

BanjerLEVEL 24


From Ohio, USA.
71 public recordings.

cantmakemymindupLEVEL 27


29 years old.
From South Dakota, USA.
116 public recordings.

girl2btickledLEVEL 76


44 years old.
From Germany.
240 public recordings.

LiliMookaLEVEL 48


From New Zealand.
35 public recordings.

Lori259LEVEL 54


39 years old.
From Ohio, USA.
200 public recordings.

MaxMantaLEVEL 35


45 years old.
From Ireland.
119 public recordings.



31 years old.
From South Africa.
447 public recordings.



62 years old.
From United Kingdom.
124 public recordings.

PlaygirlukLEVEL 60

PlaygirlukVOLUNTEER-VIP +2

35 years old.
From United Kingdom.
768 public recordings.


Rachel_BrownCHAT-ADMIN +7

46 years old.
From Colorado, USA.
2,548 public recordings.

Robbie816LEVEL 27


From USA.
23 public recordings.

softnsweet372006LEVEL 75

softnsweet372006CHAT-ADMIN +15

From Canada.
34 public recordings.

StimeyLEVEL 49


45 years old.
From Oregon, USA.
115 public recordings.

Uncle-PauleyLEVEL 91

Uncle-PauleySNAP-STAR +7

From Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
684 public recordings.

Ur4evrAngelLEVEL 27


From USA.
58 public recordings.

Community Admins

The community admins help staff with maintaining various areas of the site. Their duties include message board upkeep and organization, updating spotlight areas and assisting staff with various projects. The team works very hard to help keep things up to date and running smoothly. Novella is the staff member responsible for this area.

_Cathy_LEVEL 83

_Cathy_SNAP-STAR +2

Heart Felt thanks

-Bev-LEVEL 73


62 years old.
From United Kingdom.
4,477 public recordings.

Special Events

The special events team are the individuals responsible for organizing and implementing SingSnap's special events such as official contests and challenges. They work tirelessly to provide the members of the website the best entertainment they can. Novella is the staff member responsible for this area.

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 52

Cinnamon1965SPECIAL-EVENTS +47

R.I.P. Mommy, I love you so much. Your favorite hymn. r/ba8e1202f

KS_KutieLEVEL 82


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

Jodi1971LEVEL 79

Jodi1971SNAP-STAR +1

9 ... The Countdown Is On!

-SharonLEVEL 90

-SharonSNAP-STAR +4


JulesLEVEL 70


44 years old.
From England.
759 public recordings.

Sunny_KLEVEL 86


45 years old.
From Kentucky, USA.
1,063 public recordings.

sweetcheeks27LEVEL 61

sweetcheeks27SNAP-STAR +1

From New York, USA.
1,401 public recordings.