Rocktober 2011 Unleashed!

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NovellaLEVEL 91

Post by NovellaSTAFF +11 +24

I Love Shocktober!

Let's Get Ready To Rock - Again!

It's time to spike up the hair, beat on the drums and strum that electric guitar as we celebrate our second annual month of Rock - Rocktober! Join us every Friday as we host special Feature pages and challenges testing your Rock knowledge and creativity! Keep your eye out for Trevor's video announcement and email's because this is one event you won't want to miss.

The Challenge Scope!

It's time to build your band! Each week, every contestant who completes the challenge successfully will receive a Rocktober Token. Each token will represent an essential part of a rockband! The instruments you are competing for are; Drums, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, and Microphone!

Each challenge will require you to sing at least one song and one side challenge. At the end of four weeks, everyone who has successfully compiled all the Rockband pieces will be awarded a special banner and the highly coveted "Snap-Star" tag for the month of November!

You Can Even Follow Along!

Every Monday we will be posting an updated file of the participants and their standing on the SingSnap Events Profile, so that you can follow along with us!

Basic Guidelines:

1. Snap-Star tags will be awarded after the 4 Weeks have been completed.
2. This challenge is open to every member of the site.
3. Webcams will not be required but are encouraged.
4. Zero tolerance rule for drama will be strictly enforced.
5. A new thread will be posted for each Friday.
6. A new Rocktober playlist will be created for each week.
7. A song must be entered into the specified thread to be considered.
8. The song must be dated on the specified day to be considered.
9. You can join in as many and as few of the challenges as you desire.
10. There will be at least one make-up challenge.
11. Having FUN is absolutely essential!

Stay Tuned!

We will be announcing our first challenge in a few days!

Happy Singing & Good Luck!

-Tamera-LEVEL 48

Reply by -Tamera-GOLD

-PeachieLEVEL 83

Reply by -PeachieGOLD


LordDragonLEVEL 35

Reply by LordDragon

Gonna be Da Bomb...

BarbaraMariaLEVEL 56

Reply by BarbaraMariaGOLD


let's Rock!


Reply by PerfectlyPo

I will wait eagerly for the announcement!

Tracy_MaloneLEVEL 12

Reply by Tracy_Malone

This will be my first Challenge!

ciamnewLEVEL 29

Reply by ciamnewGOLD

Flagging in too, sounds like so much fun!!!

kentasticLEVEL 22

Reply by kentastic

sounds fun let's see what this country boy can do

SassyMama2LEVEL 15

Reply by SassyMama2

This outta be good:D:D


Reply by BlazeAlbertPATRON

The Country Chapel r/c69fb3d9f

Ready and waiting


Reply by judygirlGOLD

Hi there that sounds fun to do may try it margie


Reply by XxLoopyLolzxX

Really Excited

JimBakerLEVEL 30

Reply by JimBakerGOLD

Sounds like fun...... See here later.

Jami19LEVEL 30

Reply by Jami19GOLD

Woot, I'm in!


Reply by sherdangr8

flagging for sure.....I loved last year's Rocktober and this year's should be lots of fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!

ImaDoofusLEVEL 40

Reply by ImaDoofusGOLD +2

OTAY BUT.......

donnica59LEVEL 48

Reply by donnica59GOLD

Singsnap ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
Let's get down for Rocktober!
oh Yeah!

13gloriaLEVEL 12

Reply by 13gloriaGOLD

I can hardly contain myself to wait I am sure this will be lots of fun for all
count me in as usual hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzJosie

djpaethLEVEL 26

Reply by djpaethGOLD

wooo hooooo Bring on Rock-Tober!!

RachelTateLEVEL 2

Reply by RachelTate

Yippppppppyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! can't wait!!! :))

BeardudeLEVEL 73

Reply by BeardudeGOLD

Sounds like fun!

dsider63LEVEL 64

Reply by dsider63GOLD +2

God's Team and Music Minister presents 10/4/2015 r/b8878923f

Flagging D:)) I am a Roctober Baby wohoooooooooooooooo


Reply by LadyMatika

I know I'll be able to be doing some Rockin this Friday but the following friday I have to work out of town for the week but probably every other friday I'll be able to Rock out


Reply by Terry


Music-is-who-I-amLEVEL 70

Reply by Music-is-who-I-amPATRON +2

Just gonna sing and have fun....

Prolly won't be able to participate due to my work hours, but am flagging, just cuz.... cuz I CAN! lol

-Hartley-LEVEL 33

Reply by -Hartley-GOLD

Oh this sounds like fun, wow it starts on my birthday. Yepeeeeeee. Flagged.

pauld2468LEVEL 20

Reply by pauld2468GOLD

yea, bring on "ROCK"tober, can't wait for the first song and challenge.

Music-is-who-I-amLEVEL 70

Edited reply by Music-is-who-I-amPATRON +2

Just gonna sing and have fun....

<------sneaks off to stalk Terry.... but shhhhh, don't tell him.....

Shelby1976LEVEL 11

Reply by Shelby1976

oh I wanna play too but I have a bad cold and have to have surgery the end of the month and will just be getting out of the hospital on that last Friday...think I see a doctor's appt. for tomorrow for a kick in the buns antibiotic to kick this cold out so I can at least play in 3 of them...LOL


Reply by P-JGOLD

Wheeeeeee! Can't wait! This'll be my first participation in anything like this on SS!

jc4uLEVEL 25

Reply by jc4uGOLD

Sounds like fun!!!!

LuvMyMusicLEVEL 40

Edited reply by LuvMyMusicGOLD

Rocktober 2011! Bring it on! Sounds like it's going to be fun! Wooo hooooo..... we come!!!! Let's Rock it! Cheers, MARLA


Reply by soulisister1

Wooo Ready To Rock


Reply by ShineOnLoveGOLD

Oh! Yessss lets rock snappers....Loved it last year, and had so much fun...


MatkamLEVEL 84

Reply by MatkamGOLD +6 +4

#74 AMBITION, a poor excuse for NOT having enough sense to be lazy! ROTFL

Flagging ....=-)

Sudie66LEVEL 2

Reply by Sudie66


NazzoLEVEL 58

Edited reply by NazzoGOLD

No doubt about it that Snap-Star tag is much coveted & very tough to get. I missed out once coz I only managed to get 5 out of 6 numbers published. I had trouble with one of the weeks after singing the song whilst making my sandwich, the sound didn't record and it was too late to do a new one for that. Such is the luck.
Footnote. I did ask where it was and was told you didn't do the whole 9 yards. I couldn't be bothered explaining what happened.
Maybe this time I'll have better luck. So ...... I'll flag.

SingwellaBlondLEVEL 9

Reply by SingwellaBlond

okie dokie sounds fun fun while theres still sun...and still warm..let us sing sing sing and sing until springgggggggg comes back !!



ALWAYS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Reply by glorysaintsGOLD


maralexLEVEL 58

Reply by maralexPATRON


KS_KutieLEVEL 76

Reply by KS_KutieSPECIAL-EVENTS +1

Why Did The Ghost Have A Hangover? Because He Got Sheet Faced With His Friends :)


WhiskeyLEVEL 2

Reply by Whiskey

I'm a-flaggin'!!!!!!


Reply by JoeTomNJGOLD

I'm in and ready to rock da hause!!!

MsYannaLEVEL 13

Reply by MsYanna

maybe my first..joining the Rockfest...weee....hopefully i can make it...i am too shy for this....

sulaimanbadrusLEVEL 42

Reply by sulaimanbadrus

Keep Rocking !!!! SS members

Angel_kisses_49LEVEL 31

Reply by Angel_kisses_49GOLD

we'll be rockin' in rocktober....:))

RibbonLEVEL 60

Reply by RibbonGOLD



NikkinettaLEVEL 44

Reply by NikkinettaGOLD

Busy working 8 hours a day!! will be by soon!!!





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