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I have noticed that when I sing any of the new songs with regional licensing restrictions I get very few listens. Does this mean that USA members cannot even listen to these recordings as well as sing them.

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Bingo Vic...We can't even in essence everyone is being penalized in one way or another with this issue.


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Thats crazy Tas, I cant see the point of singing these songs if nobody can listen.


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Well people in other countries get to listen to them which is why I haven't deleted my recordings. Course nobody can find them cause I've made them all private so I can know when they come back. The lic thing is a pain some of my favorite recordings have fallen victim to it. Just record em if you can & be thankful you can then when we get them back, whenever that is, we can enjoy them as well.


Reply by noisypinkbubble

People in Europe can still listen, and at least we still get pleasure from singing them even if nobody hears!


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The only thing to do is petition the people in your respective country to allow these songs to used here...SS have managed to get them here for some us who live more enlightened and less restrictive and greedy parts of the world. I am sure SS would love to provide them every member to use them if they could.