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Thank-You To Our Volunteer VIP Hellkat!

Kat is the constant of the chat room! She is fun, upbeat and always there to help her fellow admins. She is spunky, out going and she is a total blast to have around. She is super versatile and talented and has a soft spot in her heart for sad country songs! Thanks for being a riot and always making the room fun, Kat!

An Interview - With Mindy!

The SingSnap volunteer family is comprised of very special people from across the globe who contribute their time, patience and passion into making SingSnap as fun as possible! Please read the interview below to get a glimpse into the life of this month's Volunteer VIP!

Question One: How do you become a member of SingSnap and what inspired you to volunteer?

I wanted to sing, so I think I just googled online karaoke and SingSnap was one of the first ones I found. It didn't take me long to want to sign up for Gold membership. I can't remember exactly when I found chat, but I do remember going in one day and being greeted really warmly. The admins were really helpful and helped me get set up to sing live. After I got addicted to chat, Arra asked me if I'd be interested in being an admin and, because I love chat, I said yes. Even after I stopped being an admin the first time, I was still addicted to chat and frequented it daily, sometimes for hours. I had really enjoyed being an admin, so when Mike asked if I'd come back, I said yes and here we are.

Question Two: What is your favorite genre of music and what is your favorite song?

I'll really sing just about anything, but I suppose pop or rock would be my favourite genre. My favourite song is Bohemian Rhapsody, though I've never actually sung it on SingSnap, because it's a hard one to do alone. I guess my favourite song to sing would be something that I can really stretch my vocals on, like Here's To Us, I Am the Fire, or something by a big voice, like Celine Dion's All Coming Back to Me Now.

Question Three: If you could sing with someone famous, who would it be and why?

Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco, because the dude is RIDICULOUSLY talented, with a range that most people would kill for. He's a really great songwriter and plays most instruments, too. A real musical genius, in my humble opinion.

Question Four: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that people may be surprised to know.

Oh, god. I don't think there is anything interesting about me at all. I guess the thing that surprises most people is how old I am. That's probably a good thing, but yeah, I'm 43 this year. Oh, I suppose that most people would be surprised to find out I'm a devout Catholic, because I have such a dark and naughty sense of humour.

Question Five: What is your greatest SingSnap memory or experience?

The Snappy's 2017 - I was part of the group that helped shift through the nominations and I had such a great time doing it, and a great night in chat the night they were on. It was awesome, as a relative newcomer to chat, to see all the oldtimers and pioneers of chat come back for the night. It was manic, but a lot of fun.

Question Six: Is being a volunteer what you expected? More difficult? Easier?

I didn't really have many expectations, because I never thought anyone would ask me to volunteer, but I find being an admin easy. I mean, I would be hanging out in chat most of the time anyway, so for me it's just an added bonus of being able to offer assistance to anyone new and hang out with my friends and just have fun.

Question Seven: Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it?

My dad was a huge influence on me. He was a really quiet guy that didn't really feel comfortable talking about his feelings, but he was really passionate at the same time. I suppose it's his quiet strength, amazing sense of integrity and ability to laugh at any and all situations that I try to live up to. I also got my passion for music from him, and it was often him that encouraged me to keep going when I found things too hard and wanted to quit.

Question Eight: If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you?

Rachel Weisz, cause she's smart, funny and beautiful, everything I hope I am.

Question Nine: If you were asked to summarize your volunteer experience on SingSnap in one word, what word would that be? And why?

Fun! I very rarely spend an evening or day in chat without have some really good belly laughs. Every day is filled with great music, good friends and some great laughs.

Check Out Our VIP's Recordings!

Here are a few hand-picked performances by our Volunteer VIP! Check them out and share the love!

Death of a Bachelor - Panic At The Disco
Ave Maria - Franz Schubert
Oh! Darling - The Beatles

This Is Your Banner!

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-Bev-LEVEL 103

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Wooooo Hooooooo CONGRATULATIONS on your VIP ....and thank you for all the wonderful things you do to make Singsnap a great place to be....



congrats Kat

SingingRainbowLEVEL 105

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J&D's Country girls @ heart#94 Rnd#1 is up ladies!!

Congratulations to you girl!! Enjoy your time in the spotlight!! Well deserved


Reply by AMY-GOLD

mindy, i am so proud of you!. you deserve this so much. you are an awesome admin and a great friend! i am so happy for you!

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Thanks so much for the dedications, much appreciated .. :-)

Congrats ..

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Thank you for all your Comments mdfs,,,

Congrats and thanks Kat,,,,,,,,

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woot congrats Kat!

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Congrats miss Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!

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congrats doll xxxxxxxxxxxxx muahhhh

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Congrats Kat!!!

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Join us for TheWarm & Fuzzy Comments challenge!Don't forget your tissues! <3 :)


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Congratulations Kat

Rainbow-SunshineLEVEL 108

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Livin & Lovin life, keep on smilin :) <3 Love, Light & Blessed Be <3

Congrats Kat Way to shine, girl

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Open duets please come join me at: playlist/start/b71cb87a

Steve-GLEVEL 91

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Congrats Mindy. Hope you have an awesome day.

sxy_songbirdLEVEL 59

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Congratulations Mindy!!!
you are an amazing lady and so deserve this

GlynnisLEVEL 106

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Congratulations and thanks for volunteering for SS.
Great Interview.

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Read about the JCD Memorial Award

Hey congratulations and thank you for everything you do

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Reply by vee-speckGOLD

'Grats Kat!! ^5!

Little-mitchyLEVEL 39

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Love you sweetie, you deserve this xxxx

HappyBunnyLEVEL 65

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Congratulations HellKat. Much love to you! - Bunny hugs

MaxyWaxyLEVEL 95

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Congrats Kat, well deserved

ChandaLEVEL 85

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Congrats katcake!!

ButcherbhoyLEVEL 71

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Gday Kat,well done lass,you deserve it!

Bear50LEVEL 93

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r/b86a78e51 Notte Di Luce(Nights in white satin) SS Challenge


newfietinaLEVEL 91

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10 years..gone but NEVER forgotten..love n miss youxxoo


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Congratulations Kat, and thank you for all you do


CurlyshirleyLEVEL 96

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Congratulations to the only other person i have heard use the expression "belly laugh" on here, other than myself lol

Enjoy your VIP month hun.

Lv Shirl.

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congratulations on this honor

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kentuckytrueLEVEL 69

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Congrats Kat! Great Job!

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Well deserved kat...I wouldn’t trade ya for anything...congrats on this honor:)

softnsweet372006LEVEL 93

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Congrats HellKatyeah! Very well deserved. You're always there to bring a bit of spice and everything naughty n nice to the chat!

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Congratulations Kat.!! You set the bar high for everyone else. challenge accepted.!!!!

Very Well Deserved.!!

TheSingingMan5473LEVEL 100

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"Congrats Kat.......................You With That Beautiful Singing Voice Will Go Along Ways!!! God Bless!!!! Hugs!! -Rick-

Aprildr_47LEVEL 93

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Congratulations Kat...



awwwwwwww~~~ couldn't of picked a sweeter person ~

DevilessLEVEL 103

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congratz kat, well deserved

SadsgirlLEVEL 30

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Congrats, Helly! X

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congrats dear Kat hun xxxxxx

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Thank you Kat!!!!

FridaysChildLEVEL 42

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weieastLEVEL 99

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Congrats to you and thank you very much for all that you do, we appreciate it very much and wish you the best....have a good week end.....Susan:)

Annie_MusicLEVEL 101

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BeYOUtiful <3

Congrats Kat! A great interview and thanks for being so awesome for everyone at Snap! Thank you

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