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Bel-JayLEVEL 89

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Could anyone recommend someone who could give me a brief voice appraisal. It is not a critique of a specific song, more that I would like to know my voice type, colour,depth, range etc. I have looked online and it is so difficult to know who to go to. I thought maybe a personal recommendation would be the way forward.
Thank you in advance.


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Well Vitamindee is very good singer and has good advice, maybe ask her

Bel-JayLEVEL 89

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Thank you! ^^^^^^ Belinda

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You have a voice with good range and quality, it is much better than mine. I sing because I like to and it helps my COPD. Pro singers sound so good because of practice and good sound engineers. I listen to my songs the next day and boy do I find the flaws, and I hope to do better each time I do that song. I do better on songs that I like, and sometimes it just is a day where I feel better about singing. All that really matters is do you like your singing and is it fun. If you sing your own style you will improve and gather a following. If you have a piano hit the key and match it with your voice, you will improve and have a deeper love of music.

Bel-JayLEVEL 89

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Thank you for your comment..I know what you mean about doing better on songs you like, same with me.


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Hey Belinda, this might help you to get an idea of your range and what you are classified as:

Bel-JayLEVEL 89

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Thank you! ^^^ Belinda

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Thank you! ^^^ Belinda Bel-Jay

That video is very handy indeed!