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neodrewLEVEL 93

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The newsletter section of the front page is outdated by nearly a year and a half now, and in my personal opinion, that’s detrimental to the first impression of the site for a potential new user.

I’d like to recommend that the Newsletter links be moved to another section of the site, whether or not the Newsletters are ever started up again.

I think it would be good to have the Volunteer section (which IS updated regularly) appear directly under the SingSnap News & Notes section.

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:) We always have a choice about whether or not to participate in a negative conversation



Great marketing for sure

And great way to honor the volunteers

neodrewLEVEL 93

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Just wanted to call attention to this again -

the newsletter section continues to age and become more and more irrelevant, while the Volunteer section, which is ALWAYS up to date, would be MUCH more visible if you put it where the newsletter section is now