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by Singing Rainbow

Country Music: music derived from or imitating the folk style of the Southern U.S. or of the Western cowboy especially : popular vocal music characterized by simple harmonies, accompaniment by stringed instruments (such as guitar, fiddle, banjo, and pedal steel), repeated choruses, and often narrative lyrics. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

SingSnap has music in every genre which is appreciated and loved by people from every corner of the earth. With that said, it is undeniable that one genre tends to be more popular here than any others. While there are some that have given country music a run for their money and even won a time or two - the majority of our Genre-Themed challenges has Country music winning by landslide!

Why Do People Like Country Music So Much?

For me, as far as I can remember, country music has always been my "go to place", where I could be alone with my feelings and sing about what was going on with me. When you listen to a country song, you can hear someone's heart in every song. Mine like many of yours has been broken many of times, has felt alone, lost and overwhelmed and even scared. Country music is the kind of music that will instantly give you the comfort you need. It can make you laugh or it can make you cry. It can make dance or it can make you sigh.

When I was growing up, the first songs I heard were those of Ms Patsy Cline, Connie Smith, Tammy Wynette , Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton then came Dottie West and Barbara Mandrell. So many came after these legends, these grand dames of country music have forged a place in country music history that is theirs and theirs alone. Many will try to be like them and many will just honor their name. Others will be legends and will be remembered for decades to come. This is just how country music became important and popular to me. Growing up, We listened to many male country artists too. We could hear Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, Eddy Arnold, Marty Robbins and many others. I guess you could say country music rocked my childhood and it became the music I related to the most. That's what I still love about it today.

It's relatable. It tells a story. Whether it be a happy song, a sad one, one that makes just want to dance and forget everything or the song that will inspire you to be "humble and kind" as sings Tim McGraw. There's a country song for everyone. It's a multi-emotion kind of music that touches the hearts of young and old. It's music from the heart , music of the soul.

Why Do People Relate To Country Music?

Because it's "people music". It's simple. It tells a story. You can listen to it anywhere , the melodies are catchy and some songs are great for parties, gatherings and dances and some are just right for those "quiet moments" or those times where you need to apologize for something you might have done wrong.

Yes, country music also has the best love songs too!! So many have walked down the aisle with many of them.... Almost every experience you have can be found in a song. There may be moments when you feel so completely alone and lost until you hear a sweet country tune on the radio and you suddenly realize - you're not alone. Country music connects us in ways that reach people to their very core.

Even if country music isn't your genre of choice, do you have a country song that means a lot to you? Tell us what it is!

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Three chords and the truth.

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No place that far has to be one of my favs by Sara Evans as you come online n sing songs u enjoy you meet some awesome friends on Ss n the lyrics are very true people from all over the world can be miles away but when u find real love there truly is no place that far u find love and friendship trust warmth n most of all real hearts that folks share with u who genuinely care I been lucky to find thanks to Ss I am truly blessed xx ty ss

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I too grewup listening to country music. I never cared much for rock back then. In the 60's I heard a old blugrass song "Mule skinner blues" By the "Fendermen" it was their only hit I think, but that one song was really different then the original. I would sure Like to see it done on SS.I think it would get a lot of plays.

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Everything true and on point

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Country has more of the emotions one feels than just head banging.

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I personally am not a huge fan of most "new" country.

Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins are my jam though!

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