New Year Resolutions

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babyblueeyessmilinLEVEL 79

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Have a great evening <3 Hugs <3

I always forget to make a new years resolution … lol

m4meganfoxLEVEL 5

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I am annoying

southernguy2_1LEVEL 34

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I'm just here, lol

SouthernSweetieLEVEL 60

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I hope to be a better and more helpful friend for anyone who needs me.

HappyBunnyLEVEL 72

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I just hope to be happy, healthy for this coming year.

StaceFace1019LEVEL 86

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Interview rescheduled due to flooding...

Happy New Year

SherwinLEVEL 79

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Happy new year




JudyA44LEVEL 71

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Happy New Year everyone

LakemanLEVEL 62

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My resolution is not to make any....saves

My first song for the year is Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer. I did this duet with Sweetangel.

DeejaysharLEVEL 76

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To sing more....

BrucesterLEVEL 31

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To make it alive til 2020 with Trump as President

Tricia1968LEVEL 73

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EmSingerLEVEL 52

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Commenting here to get my resolutions 2017 badge. 2017 was 2 years ago!


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I had missed this thread...


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Commenting here to get my resolutions 2017 badge. 2017 was 2 years ago!EmSinger


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But.. did it work?

RichAllenLEVEL 70

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I kind of achieved mine this week.

I start a new placement in a computer workshop on the 18th of March following a successful meeting there last week.

notevolvedLEVEL 49

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I feel I've missed something...

RichAllenLEVEL 70

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Mine's kind of falling apart, I've had 2 rejections for jobs I applied to this week! (I wouldn't mind, but I was honest enough to declare my disabilities, y'all know what usually happens there!)

mouser2youLEVEL 47

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No New Year resolution... Just lifetime resolution to do my best always... and get back up when I fall

angelicsmile21LEVEL 37

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