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I was thinking about the handiness of a thread post book mark button. So you can bookmark a post or spot on a thread (which is different than permalink), and return to that spot.

So when you go to open a thread you've flagged, you have an option to open it by the title (first post page) as you can now, or open it from the last post (the last post on the last page) as you can now, OR you can open it from your bookmarked spot.

I think this would be helpful on Challenges and Contest threads that get really long on the page count with so many posts, and so that if you want to bookmark where you've listened up to or read up to, it will take you right there.
AND it would be helpful on regular chatting threads (especially in HD) with the pages after pages ongoing conversations, so you can can click on a little bookmark icon before you leave the thread and it will remember/hold your place on the last post you read up to or to the last post you made so you can see who posted or remarked after you and so you can pick up on the flow of conversation from where you left off.

This button would only work one post at a time on a thread. So that if you have a bookmarked post, when you go to bookmark another post it voids the one you did before it.

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Wow..super idea here.

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What a great idea!!!!!!!


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You can (sort of) do this right now in two different ways:

1) Click on "permalink" and bookmark it in your browser.
2) Use the "unread replies" link which will take you to the first unread reply in a thread (requires that you do not delete cookies though)

Good idea nonetheless

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Yep..and with betty's idea though it would be there even if we did delete our cookies...So its much much better for the way many of us use the site. To bookmark threads in the manor above would cause me to have a way too many in my bookmark


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How about a blue (or some other color) flag for permalinking. It would flag the thread, overwrite the red flag, show up on your list of flagged topics and link to the exact spot. I don't know how...or even if that could be was a random thought!

Edited because I typo'd and skipped previewing lol


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^^ or maybe a star instead. I need to stop thinking! lol