Iphone Mobile App with IOS version 13.1.2 update app is not working

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NicholeenaLEVEL 25

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I’ve been having issues like that also, not full screen just a little screen in the corner since I did the update on my iPhone 8+. I contacted sing snap and they also mentioned the new app. I was kind of ticked off because like some of you I’m still paying for it each month and not being able to use it, but then I remembered I didn’t update my iPad yet. So I’ve been able to use it through my iPad.

Steve49210LEVEL 54

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Yes I just tried downloading the old app for the third time I’m using an iPhone and the latest update is 13 point something and it doesn’t work. I get an image of the sign-in screen in the bottom left corner and is unresponsive. Sing snap was supposed to fix that problem jointly with Apple but I think Apple probably told them to go to hell. So I don’t know what’s going on with that problem.Steve49210

MoonlightIrehsLEVEL 64

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Tip: Trying to walk on your foot when it is asleep can lead to a fractured ankle. :(

If any of you have droid they do have an app now for those phones .. I’m gonna try go download it on my tablet .. We will see what happensLiving4today

Android app has its own problems. When recording the vocal will not align with the music. ...gets worse as the song goes along. Also if you record and save a song as an open duet, the only people that will have the option to duet with you are android users. If they sing with you their voice will be even more out of sync with music.

So here I am... iphone SS app does not work at all so I go to (safari) internet on my iPhone. Some songs I’ve recorded cannot be played and nothing can be recorded... just get message that you must download app to your iPhone. Also have an android tablet... can listen to recordings, but, if you record it will take a couple of weeks for your vocal to catch up... and make sure all your duet friends have androids so they can duet with you (as long as they sing their vocals 10 times faster and hope it aligns with your vocal and music. ...and I have a laptop. Works great if you don’t want to duet with you android friends!

Sorry to ramble... just incredibly frustrated.

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