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My name is Leonie. I started SingSnap on April 5, 2019, & am just learning to get around & trying to find singing friends who will sing with me & who have duets for me to join. I enjoy listening to other people's solos & duets also.

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Welcome have fun ,,,,,,,,,,

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Thank you...! (Leonie)

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Hi Leonie,
Most members enjoy duets, too and These are some ways to duet
Here is the Duets folder
These are threads where members are asking members
to join in a duet
in a particular song or a selection of songs


Here are Open duets

To let members duet with your recordings:
When you record a song,
before you save it, you can enable
"Open duets" AND the allow duets option,
so members can join in on your duets.
You can duet with other member's recordings directly:
Generally when you listen to a member's recording,
there is a button under the recorder
that indicates, "Record you own version or duet"
When you press that,
you get an option of: "duet with (member's name)"

You can let them know that you duetted with them,
when you comment on their original recording.

This is the general help page that explains many of the features;

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Thank you, Glynnis! Your info is very helpful & much appreciated.

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Hello there Leonie it is lovely to meet you and I wish you a warm welcome to Singsnap... I hope you have great fun singing and getting to know other members...

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Thank you, Bev. I am finding SingSnap members very friendly & helpful.