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Post by twinkles

I was told if your in someones inner circle that once your viewing there recording you can pass the recording on to anyone as if it isnt even private ,,,,i think it should have the same restrictions as if it was made private if link is passed it cant be viewed only by the person that is logged onto the nic u added in your inner circle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

xenomarkLEVEL 86

Reply by xenomarkGOLD

nope, i just tested... other ppl can't get to the page, even if they know the link...


if i am in your inner circle, i can grab the EMBED code from your recording and post the recording on a public page, allowing others to see it...

suggest hiding the "embed" code on recordings that aren't set to public....

ConnieGLEVEL 96

Reply by ConnieGGOLD

That's what she means by you can get it to pass on I reckon.

So yes.. as the man says be sure to take embed off if it is a problem.


Reply by twinkles

yes thats what i mean it can be passed on through paltalk or yahoo if a inner circle friend saves link


Reply by twinkles

And once the song is deleted and that person is removed from the inner circle she is still able to play that recording

AngelMagicMuseLEVEL 8

Reply by AngelMagicMuse

even if someone knows the link to one of your innercircle songs they can't view it unless they are one of the people in your IC. Yes like xenomark said if you leave the embed link on then one of your innercircle peoples could copy the embed code and past it on another site(but if you hide the embed code) then you won't have this problem.

YesterdayRainsLEVEL 12

Reply by YesterdayRains

ok ty angel wasnt sure if that code was just for pics good thing to know ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Reply by AaronStampGOLD

Is there some place to read about the workings of "Inner Circle"? I don't know a thing about it. Have been told that I've been added to someone's IC but I don't know how I'm to get in---well as I said, I don't know any thing about the IC so looking for some where I can read and learn.

AnnieLEVEL 85

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*running off to delete Inner Circle recordings* Eeeeeeek!!!