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ArtimusHexLEVEL 37

Reply by ArtimusHex

This was my first sing here on SingSnap

Song: Young & Beautiful
Artist: Elvis Presley

lennyvLEVEL 55

Reply by lennyvGOLD

KevinW8625LEVEL 44

Reply by KevinW8625GOLD

I tried to make this song sound more 50s than it already does. Minus the whole lesbian aspect of it of course. lol, It's a good country song, but harmonizing is TOUGH!

QueenFeeLEVEL 47

Edited reply by QueenFeeGOLD

2 new uploads by me... I decided to (attempt to) sing them as well . I hope others will sing them as well.

Melanie Fiona - Wrong Side of A Love Song

Chrisette Michele - Blame on Me

vypersixLEVEL 32

Reply by vypersixGOLD

Detroit Rock City
Victor Wade

JulieW2119LEVEL 59

Reply by JulieW2119GOLD

Lana Del Rey/Born to die

JbashfulLEVEL 32

Reply by JbashfulGOLD

Cohen Cover,Lana Del Rey - Chelsea Hotel

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