2018 Snappy Award Nominees!

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starfire411LEVEL 95

Reply by starfire411PATRON

Open duets please come join me at: playlist/start/b71cb87a


-Eeyore-LEVEL 109

Reply by -Eeyore-GOLD +1

I guess this message is a little late. Thank you to whoever nominated me. I'm not sure what I was nominated for (that would be fun to know), but thank you. Good luck to the finalists.

oX_WinterMagic_XoLEVEL 22

Reply by oX_WinterMagic_Xo


BkBizzle2010LEVEL 66

Reply by BkBizzle2010GOLD

Thank you for the person/persons who nominated me into this wonderful event. Good Luck to everyone and please don't stop being you cause being you makes you awesome.

newfietinaLEVEL 91

Reply by newfietinaGOLD +3

May your day be filled with love, laughter, freindships and gift of songsxxx<3

congratulations to all the nominees and thank you for my nominations..its gonna be a tough one again this year because of all the wonderful people out there in sing snap land..xxxooo...enjoy your week everyone, be good to eachother and keep smiling..:)...hugssssss n loves to all..xxxooonewfietina

lyes not forget about the wonderful committee members and staff for a wonderful job that they do each and every day..if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have such fun events here in singsnap or a chat roomxxxooo

MaxyWaxyLEVEL 95

Reply by MaxyWaxyGOLD +5

Do i get a prize for the most unominated snapper?, i just like to feel involved haha
Good luck again to everyone

-Donnie-LEVEL 60

Reply by -Donnie-CHAT-ADMIN +4

Good luck to all the Nominees, Just remember, WE are all WINNERS.

Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

Reply by Angelgirl758GOLD +35

Good Luck to all and for the special Nominee award!(nor sure what lol)
WTG to all the Nominees!!!

CountryGent30LEVEL 51

Reply by CountryGent30GOLD +1

I truly appreciate the nomination!
I doubt if I will be able to attend though, super early day tomorrow. Wishing all the best of luck and ty once again.





cannotsing24LEVEL 105

Reply by cannotsing24GOLD +15

Thank you for all your Comments mdfs,,,

Sorry I missed the Awards on the 19th Oct my computer was acting up,,,,,,,,,Congrats to the winners ,,,,,,,,

DaisyTeaLEVEL 98

Reply by DaisyTea +1

Good luck to all who are Nominated.

__Angels__LEVEL 108

Reply by __Angels__GOLD +12


Congrats all winners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sisseyy20LEVEL 73

Reply by sisseyy20GOLD

Luv the "Re-Feature" option SS offers - works 4 so many...<3 ~

Congrats all winners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! __Angels__

~ Have they already announced the winners?
Thank you kindly!
Congrats to all, for everything! ~



good luck everyone what fantastic nominees

a_god_sLEVEL 109

Reply by a_god_sGOLD +3

R.I.P. James McCue

I think I missed it

Is there a list of the winners?

anywhoo... Congrats!!

mdaamandrakeLEVEL 88

Reply by mdaamandrake

Nicely done all!


Reply by OneV0ice

Luv4RoseLEVEL 91

Reply by Luv4RoseGOLD

Great job everyone.

CurlyshirleyLEVEL 96

Reply by CurlyshirleyGOLD

Well done all involved in each category and to the organizers and staff.

mirameLEVEL 92

Edited reply by mirameGOLD

Congrats to winners

GentleRaiinLEVEL 104

Reply by GentleRaiinGOLD +9

B here as I can..caring for sick parents..thanks 4 grams n hearts.... happy week to all!! hugs!

Congrats to all the winners!!! Keep on singing!!

juanrobertoLEVEL 70

Reply by juanrobertoGOLD

congrats to winners and nominees

KellyAnne4PeaceLEVEL 108

Reply by KellyAnne4PeacePATRON +26


FinnPeterLEVEL 104

Reply by FinnPeterGOLD +4

Congrats to all the winners!


Reply by MikeIIIGOLD +2

*Have a great Week**1,947 songs uploaded

Congratulations to all of the winners.

ClarelolaLEVEL 65

Reply by ClarelolaGOLD +7


lorrdarlinLEVEL 77

Reply by lorrdarlinPATRON

Well, Congratulations to All!!

StrikingTopazLEVEL 108

Reply by StrikingTopazGOLD +2

r/c5b6e8869 Fullofgrace Ministry plug on the Power

congrats to all

tigers12LEVEL 82

Reply by tigers12GOLD +3

well done xxx

socomicefoxLEVEL 65

Reply by socomicefoxGOLD +8

Hey I heard I just got nominated and I wanted to say a big thank you to who nominated me. And I also want to give a big congrats to the winners. Alot of og up there alot of entertaining and great singers.

-Bev-LEVEL 103

Edited reply by -Bev-SPECIAL-EVENTS +10

Congratulations to all

StaceFace1019LEVEL 83

Reply by StaceFace1019GOLD +1

Hers Day Thursday!

bummed I missed this! how cool... and where the hell have i been?

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