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Post by sherloto

I don't care for the changes that have been made on private messages/comments, etc.
It seems we just get settled with something and someone comes along and changes it on us. There wasn't anything wrong with the old format....why change it!!!!!!!

Binky-LEVEL 8

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I think change is inevitable with the Site growing like it has. Possibly because many had asked for some kind of change too? Perhaps it is not the best solution but I do like some of the aspects of it.

With well over 200 thousand members its not possible to please Everyone. This site began as a community based karaoke site way back in Aug or Oct of 2006 i do believe, and most of the original member still participate. I joined late November on another nickname.

One thing i can guarantee is that SingSnap and its Staff do care and do listen to its members. They might not change it back but I do feel that Per or someone will make some modifications to better suit the Site!

There is always room for change for the Site Performance to develop better communications for all its members!

Although i am old and set in my ways, lol
I do know Changes will always I learn to deal with it & adjust my settings for navigation on the site to suit me best....

what if it broke and we didn't know it broke? I had been experiencing problems with the community page and private messaging for several days prior to the Change... ~Binks~

**oi was that u working on it PER? ** lol

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Reply by mousyGOLD

Per has asked for everyones comments.. let him know how you feel--- they try to take into acct everyones likes and dislikes-- you just can't please everyone...........

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Hi there is a thread here to put in your feedback on it so that it stays in one place. Thanks.

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Smiles.i wish they just give us a messenger...lolol

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Changes are fine, but make changes an option, not a fore front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!