It's The Spookiest Time Of The Year!

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Would You Like A Trick Or Treat?

Are you ready to get your scare on? The most popular month of the year has arrived and we're bringing back the terrifyingly popular Trick or Treat trinkets and the uber fabulous Halloween Mood Usernames! You can once again send your SingSnap friends some super sweet virtual Treats or if they're seriously silly send them a Trick !

The Usernames will be decked out in spooky shades of black and orange with a wide assortment of halloween-esque moods!

How To Purchase Tricks, Treats and Usernames!

1. Click on the Purchase Tab and the the Current Promotions link. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of any page on SingSnap and click on the small Candy icon.

2. You are now on the Purchase Page. Select the product that you wish to purchase.

3. Select the Value Package that best suits your needs.

3. Now you're ready to Buy! You can pay by either Paypal, Credit Card or with Credits.

4. Complete the transaction and proceed to the Distribution Center.

5. Select the product you wish to distribute.

6. You can now either select names from the various available lists (hold down the CTRL button to select multiple people at once) OR type in the exact username of the intended recipient. Click Next.

7. Select the number of items you wish to give to your friend. Click Next!

7. Should you wish, you may now send along a personalized message with your trinket! If you do not want to send a personalized message, simply leave the box blank. Once you're done, press the "Distribute" button and your trinkets will be delivered!

The first Trick or Treat a member receives will give them the icon next to their name. Every trinket after that will be displayed as a numeric value next to the icon.

If you purchase a username, please allow up to 10 minutes for activation.

Happy Singing!

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Read about the JCD Memorial Award

woooot It's halloweeeeen time!!!

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This is a great time of the year I don't need to put on a mask .......

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J&D's Country girls @ heart#94 Rnd#1 is up ladies!!

Awesome video Mandy & Tony !! October is always a lot of fun. A time for all of us to be kids at heart !! Happy Shocktober everybody!! Enjoy this spooky month!!! Have fun everybody! BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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J&D's Country girls @ heart#94 Rnd#1 is up ladies!!

This is a great time of the year I don't need to put on a mask .......Karens_Music

Hey!! It takes a beautiful lady to say such a thing you are a timeless beauty girl !! Don't forget that.

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Thanks so much for the dedications, much appreciated .. :-)

Anybody that tricks me is blocked ..

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Awesome time shocktober !

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Sooo Cool!!!!

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I love so much these mood usernames and the little bat trick!!

How I missed it since last end of October...

I'm very happy they came back

Thank you so much

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BeYOUtiful <3

Happy Shocktober!

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r/b86a78e51 Notte Di Luce(Nights in white satin) SS Challenge

this is cool*S* to bad we can't get one for free I always can't ever get promo's like this just don't have the money or a credit card... I could use a mood change*lol*

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This is cool