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NovellaLEVEL 111

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If anyone is interested in being a site volunteer (Chat Room) Let me know! <3

Thank-You To Our Volunteer VIP Donnie!

Donnie hit the road running and he's never stopped. He constantly goes above and beyond, doing everything he can to help out both his fellow team mates the members. His mere presence lights up the room and his talent is inspiring! Thank you Donnie for showing the room what a true gentleman looks like! You're a rockstar and we're so grateful to have you as a part of our family <3

An Interview - With Donnie!

The SingSnap volunteer family is comprised of very special people from across the globe who contribute their time, patience and passion into making SingSnap as fun as possible! Please read the interview below to get a glimpse into the life of this month's Volunteer VIP!

Question One: How do you become a member of SingSnap and what inspired you to volunteer?

My Mother Introduced me to SingSnap, My Inspiration for volunteering was so many Admins. asking me if I have considered being Admin. Right from the begining. So I just had to Tempt Fate and give it a try.(Best choice i ever made)

Question Two: What is your favorite genre of music and what is your favorite song?

Country/ Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley.

Question Three: If you could sing with someone famous, who would it be and why?

Michael McDonald for sure, That guy has some Mad Vocals.

Question Four: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that people may be surprised to know.

I have a Twin Brother. Nothing else Interesting accept I get up every Morning with a Positive Attitude.!!

Question Five: What is your greatest SingSnap memory or experience?

My Greatest SingSnap Memory is going to be making Memories and enjoying the experience while in the process.

Question Six: Is being a volunteer what you expected? More difficult? Easier?

Easier, I really tought there was going to be more to it, Ended Up being and still is a BLAST.!!

Question Seven: Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it?

My Mother and My Father.,, My Mother with her Music Talent,and My Dad for My Love of Sports and Work Ethic.

Question Eight: If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you?

HaHa, Whoever the leading Man in Hollywood is at the Time/ Perhaps: Henry Cavil A.K.A. Superman.

Question Nine: If you were asked to summarize your volunteer experience on SingSnap in one word, what word would that be? And why?

Friendship. Because I have met some of the worlds finest People on SingSnap that I have became very good friends with. And well having friends is better than having Enemies. :b

Check Out Our VIP's Recordings!

Here are a few hand-picked performances by our Volunteer VIP! Check them out and share the love!

Marina Del Rey - George Strait
Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
A Lot Of Things Different - Kenny Chesney

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BigFoot52LEVEL 63

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Thanks for doing an Awsome job Donnie

0neVoiceLEVEL 103

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Dr Singsnap Challenge! I had fun! I'll finish my listens 'morrow! [ Happy Memorial Day weekend 2 all! ]Mwah

Congrats Donnie! Great stuff

cannotsing24LEVEL 106

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Congrats Donnie and thank you ,,,,,

trojan55LEVEL 111

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Congrats !!

__Angels__LEVEL 108

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forum/topic/b91e6174?page=9c1c1 need go to the doc , its true ill bavk later hugs to all!!

Congrartulations Donnie!!!! wtg!!!!!!!!!!

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Most of our Happines Arises from the context of our relationship with others


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Congratulations Donnie!

mystikopalLEVEL 81

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Congratulations Donnie..loved your answers to the questions too
~Karen ~

Terri-anneLEVEL 87

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Thank you for the lovely summery, sun trinkets! <3 x

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GlynnisLEVEL 106

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Thanks and Congratulations ! Great Interview.

SingingRainbowLEVEL 106

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J&D's Country girls @ heart#98 in auditions NOW! Click here ladies!

Congratulations!! Enjoy your time in the spotlight!!

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Lavender79LEVEL 97

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CONGRATULATIONS... and Thank you Donnie!!! ***********

-Sin-LEVEL 69

Reply by -Sin-CHAT-ADMIN

Congratulations Donnie!! well deserved! Proud to be a part of the same team as you.

Tattooed_AngelLEVEL 77

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Hey Loverboy xxxx I Cant Think Of Anyone More Deserving
The Time I Get To Be Around You I Treasure
You Are An Amazing Guy With A Huge Heart And A True Friend

Congratulations Darlin xxx

Annie_MusicLEVEL 102

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Exciting! Have fun!

Congrats on your VIP feature Donnie and thanks for being awesome and making SS so fun! Great interview too! Have a super day!

alanhack46LEVEL 77

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Congratulations Donnie

SandyLLEVEL 74

Reply by SandyLGOLD

Thank you Donnie for your hard work, we all appreciate it

-Bev-LEVEL 104

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Donnie and thank you for all the hard work you do here in Singsnap to make this a wonderful place to be!!!

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Bear50LEVEL 94

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r/c088126dd Bad day need a Laugh? CLICK THIS*lol* My Redneck Cousin


LadyHeathersingsLEVEL 69

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Congrats Donnie. We appreciate you!!!!

bubbaglennLEVEL 84

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Congrats Donnie....Hook Em!! Lol

-Donnie-LEVEL 62

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Congratulations Donnie!! well deserved! Proud to be a part of the same team as you.-Sin-

ty Sindoll, that means a lot coming from you, but I am proud that you are a part of the team as well doll.

mirameLEVEL 92

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Congrats on your VIP

LonestarpennyLEVEL 56

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Congrats Donnie! Thanks for giving of your time!!

PeggyMoonHicksLEVEL 100

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PetesecretLEVEL 86

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well done Donnie ,,well deserved bud

pickerpaulLEVEL 86

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wtg Donnie a great job

Uncle-PauleyLEVEL 106

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Congrats Donnie!!!!

MaggieCLEVEL 95

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Congratulations Donnie.

Nori_LEVEL 89

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Congratulations, Donnie!

amor14344LEVEL 101

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r/bf7dc354d Fun Day Of Therapy!

Congratulations Donnie. Have a great day ahead.

falconess09LEVEL 73

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Congratulations, Donnie!
Enjoy your time in the spotlight!!

ChuckcLEVEL 86

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Congratulations, Donnie!

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 104

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Congratulations Donnie...

CurlyshirleyLEVEL 97

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“Good manners cost nothing. Bad manners can cost you your reputation” - Quote By - B.D.Hawkey.

Have a blast in your VIP Month Donny

Amazing vocal changes in your songs.

GentleRaiinLEVEL 104

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congrats Donnie.....ty for your service on SS.

LiliMookaLEVEL 93

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You are a true inspiration, Donnie.

Thank you for all you do.

AuntyWalnutLEVEL 102

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Anna-ReaLEVEL 99

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Happy Friday ! Remembering Memorial Day for those who've fallen and those left behind, Thank you !

Congrats Donnie !!

kentuckytrueLEVEL 77

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Congratulations Donnie! I have to tell Lora, I didn't see her in here!

pickerpaulLEVEL 86

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Nice singing Donnie you sound great



This guy is a gem of all gems

FinnPeterLEVEL 104

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Congrats Donnie!

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