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Welcome to SingSnap! With so many things to do on this site, where to begin can sometimes be overwhelming. So why not get your feet wet and record a song. In seven simple steps you can sing, record and share your very own song with the world!

Step 1 - Starting Point

Click on the "Record" tab in the navigational menu across the top of the page.

Step 2 - Run The Wizard!

Click on the 'Run Wizard' button and follow the prompts to run the wizard. This will automatically detect your sound properties, web cam (if you have one) and computer speed to optimize your recording experience.

Click the Proceed button.

Follow the prompts to run the wizard. You will be navigated through X steps to set up your computer. You may stop this process at any time by clicking the red "Quit" button.

Step 3 - Find A Song!

Now that the wizard has completed it's process, it's time to find a song to sing! You can search directly by

Song Title or Artist Name, or you can use our sub-menu to browse songs/categories.

Your available options: If you've chosen to browse through our catalog, we have various categories that you can sort through to find a song to sing.

Featured Songs: These songs are different daily and either randomly generated or hand-picked by SingSnap Staff. All the 'free' songs will appear first in the list.

Search: Similar to the Intro page that you're on now, you will be able to search directly by Artist/Title.

Browse: This page allows you to browse our entire catalog either by artists, song title or even genres.

New: This is where you will find our new releases added weekly!

Top: Check out the top recorded songs of all time on the site!

Hot: These songs are current chart toppers across the world!

Duets: If you enjoy hearing your voice with other people, this is where you'll find all of our available duets!

Favorites: If you find a song on the site you like by using some of the above methods, click the little grey flag next to the title and it will automatically be added to your "favorites" section and saved there for easy access!

Step 4 - Record!!

Once you find a song you want, click the "record" button.

The player will open up. If you have a webcam, you should see your image on screen. Keep in mind a webcam is not required to enjoy SingSnap! If you do not wish to record with your camera just yet, click the 'Disable Camera' button.

When you're ready, click on the oblong "record" button with the red circle in the center. Start Singing!

Once you've finished, text will appear that says "Review Your Recording". Click on the red arrow.

Step 5 - Preview Recording:

You are now in the Preview Recording Stage. This is your first chance to hear your finished product!

Press the "Play" button to hear your song.

If you hear only your voice and no music, press the "Enable Music" button.

If you find your voice is either too loud, or too soft you can correct the levels by moving the slider appropriately between "Voice" and "Music."

If you find your voice is out of sync with the music, you can adjust the timing to correct that.

Once you are happy with you song, click on the button in the top right hand corner that says, "I like it, let's proceed to saving it."

Step 6 - Save and Share It!

You are just about done! Feel free to write a note to your fans in the "Comments" section!

This is also where you determine if you save the song Public or Private. (We definitely recommend saving it public so everyone can hear!)

Then click on the Save Recording button!

Step 7 - You're Done!

Your song is now ready to be heard and adored by all. Click on the "View the Recording You Created" button to listen and enjoy!

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