Rocktober 2011 - Week One!

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Hi Novella (Shann) You looked fantastic in blue!

LOL@Trevor's comment, his shoes might have been way bigger then your feet but you filled them in nicely Novella 8-)

Seems to me Trevor is being schooled already ( seminar) LMAO!

Well at least you got to play "President" for a day Novella, awesome video and presentation for the first challenge! hehe and blue is your color for sure! hehe

Thanks...just had to say how wonderful it was to see you there as Trevor was gone! hehe

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Novella, I thought you did an awesome job on the vid!!... You were funny and charming, informative and pretty in Rocker blue hair!! I loved it!.. You can fill Trevor's shoes anytime he's out of town!!...

.. as for me... I was debating whether to skip this week's festivities because I went to the dentist and had a ton of work done and I am still in a lot of pain with swelling... but I haven't missed a challenge since I started doing them last year for Summerfest... why should I start missing any now?...

I may sound funny but I will still Rock onnnnnnnnnn!! I already have my instrument ready... It's a good one too!... see y'all after midnight!


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sounds umm fun yeah thats it FUN lol

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Merry Christmas!


I have been replaced?



I didn't know you weren't going to be here... Please don't leave us again lol

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this should be a blast, lol

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I felt so foolish... I'll leave the video updates to him from now on. I don't have enough charisma to pull it off lol!SingSnap

Ha ha ha love the wig Novella . And you did just fine sweetie. You did just fine.


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Just watched the vid and Shannon you did AWESOME!! Woohoo!! Love the hair and i want a pink one
My fave part was when Shannon said she can't ramble like Trevor .. Ahahahaha .. I think thats what she said.. ahahaha still funny !..MrzDiva

Lol, me too!! Well done N!!

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I can make my little straw instrument thingy oooh wait that's my fake fart sound I make with that bahahahaha
don't think anybody will appreciate that lol

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Hey Dee! Good to see you there!

Novella, loved the vid!! I'm inspired!!!!!


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Its good here at the office !! Novella for President !!!


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wow this sounds interesting flagging

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And Trevor's Canadian "eh."

And the free air guitar... Super funny!!
Even Jimmy Page has one of those in his extensive collection, if you saw It Might Get Loud, he pulled it out & played it!


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Sounds like fun! Will be here with bells on... lol

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Wading the warm waters of the Pool till 11 o'clock

Aaaah this reminds me so much of being a Rep in the Video Distribution Movie Industry. We had a ball just like you all do but now I'm side tracked.
Congratulations you get to keep the video presenters job. Trevor should be given a good handshake and a watch. Friday already here but I'll wait till your Fries arrive

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Sounds like fun, I may give it a try. Let me put on my thinking cap and come up with a instrument.....






wooooo hoooooooooooo should be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Novella! You did perfectly fine and the hair is perfect for a RockTober Announcement!
I've no clue what I'm a gonna do....
I'll be there though!


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flaggin'........sweetie, you looked amazing!! You are much cuter than Trevor!! don't tell him I said so!!!!...hehehehe...

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i watched the video too Shannon and i too loved the hair. lol

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OHH can't wait to join and Novella you did an awesome job on the video and love the hair!

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flaggin , count me in ,,,,,,and you looked great and did great on video

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Real hot love ya oh yeah

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Merry Christmas!

You all are being so nice. Totally worth the money lolol

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Feeling a bit better today x

You looked good Novella just pay Trevor off lol

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Singsnap <3 yall. Remember smile! It can change a negative thing to a positive.

I do have to say Novella was HOT! In that video hehehehe. Nice job Novella!

Got me all psyche out now to ROCKKKKKKKKKKK AND ROLLLLLLLLLLLL Hell ya lets do this tommorow peeps!!!!

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Singsnap <3 yall. Remember smile! It can change a negative thing to a positive.

Dude she kinda remind of a smurf in that video lmao!!!! Vella Smurf oooooo I like that. The Rock star smurf dangggg that is Hot and NICE!!

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flagging..:-)))) you did great Novella!!

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Singsnap <3 yall. Remember smile! It can change a negative thing to a positive.

Glass bottles can be used as some cool drums. Trying to think as a kid what did we use to pretend to have a band lmao.

Broomstick was guitar

Drums was trash cans and bottles.

Mics was brushes I think

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Im so ready!

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Flagging! Sounds like a lot of fun

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fun flagging

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