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I have fybromailgia and the meds I have to take leaves my voice flat or dry... Does any one know a home remedy to help ... I know I'm not a awesome singer but Ive done or been around musc most of my adult life ... singing makes my heart happy is there any help in fixing ????

cannotsing24LEVEL 108

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I know drinking a lot of room temp water helps

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I'm no stranger to this, I have fibro as well and I developed something called EoE from my meds. I actually had to have surgery to remove built up scar tissue in my throat and around my voice box. I didn't know if I would ever be able to sing again....things that help me, warm tea with lemon in the morning, or just warm water with a squirt of lemon. A humidifier can work wonders too! I have one in my bedroom and another in my office (where I sing)! Make sure you sing EVERY day. You need to keep working out your vocals so they loosen, I always sing a few songs before recording anything to get myself loosened up. Make sure your songs are within your vocal range as well, you don't want to try and sing too high or too low because this can stress your voice box out. It's a muscle, it needs to be worked properly. Yawning helps too, it helps stretch and loosen your throat muscles. I went about 6 months without singing at all and it has taken me about that long to get back to where I used to be but I sing every single day to keep my voice in shape. Hope this helps! If you need to talk or have questions feel free to PM me Good luck and KEEP SINGING!!

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They told me I had Fibro years ago excercise is the best cure I'm 52 and since I started excercising I feel fabulous ~

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If meds are drying out your throat all you can do is make sure you are hydrated before you sing. Drink about an hour before to give it time for the liquid to get into your blood stream.

You could consider a different medication perhaps. If its an antidepressant you are taking they don't all dry you out.

Avoid alcohol as much as possible as that's drying. And smoking of course. Get plenty of sleep. If the air is dry, the humidifier thing is said to be good.