Karaoke - Through The Years

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sandman0329LEVEL 25

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If you love singing then Singsnap is the app. To be .

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It is a place to record as many songs as you want and be part of this wonderful, friendly community. Even a lonely person isn't lonely anymore when coming on Singsnap!

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thank you for sharing that is why love SingSnap it was best in my life again thank you

wayne1956LEVEL 88

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I remember liking to sing in the choir in high school. That was 1970's. Didn't really sing anymore until I stumbled upon SS about 3 years ago...

I love it!!!!!

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I came across Singsnap in a random internet search. I had been with Ksolo for awhile but had gotten to where I could no longer record..and there was very little in terms of customer support (be thankful for the support staff we have here) so after waiting for a month of getting no replies from ksolo I canceled my membership and got online and looked for another place to sing....eleven years later I am still here. I have made some lifelong friends and had the pleasure of listening to fantastic singing. I look forward to more friends and more great music.

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FANTASTIC article, Cyndi!!!


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*Have a great week*RIP, Doris *Pray for Stem Sch, Chabad and Sri Lanka victims*2,039 songs uploaded

I remember Music Minus One albums back in the mid-60s; technically, they were backing tracks too(Not named Karaoke yet). Then there was always the local lounge, where you can sing with a piano player on Open Mic nights(or if you're buddies with him) ~ the real Karaoke.

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One thing that's nice is that their is a LOT of talent, and a LOT of passion and emotion in people's voices that you don't always hear in mainstream music, so I stay because I really enjoy listening to other people sing, and although going out on the town to do a little live karaoke is fun too, it's nice to do it here, in my pajamas, without spending the gas, fighting traffic, and putting up with smoke-filled back corners of bars

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awesome .nice article

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Loved the history of karaoke! In answer to the question of what impact Sing Snap has on my life, I would say it has been a joyful experience! Started in 2015, and it doesn't seem that I have a snapper for that long......time really does fly when you are having fun!
SS has been a gift to me! I always look forward to it......singing is an expression of the heart and makes the downer times feel better. I have met some great people on SS and feel tuned into life when I am on it. Love my SS family! Karen

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Karaoke over the years has changed I believe it is good learning tool for children learning how to speak words but singing at the same time, also a good choice of songs for all generations.


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LiliMookaLEVEL 93

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I absolutely love how singsnap post relevant information for us to learn from.

Thank you again for all the work you all put into bringing us this informatoin .. the study you have put into it, and the research done .. that all takes so much time.

The way you present the information also is just so crystal .. and simple for someone who is not quite as quick on the uptake (like me) to understand and process almost immediately.

Thank you again Singsnap for all you have taught me over the years and the amazing job you all do.

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thanks for that one

tigers12LEVEL 84

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found lots of help on here xx

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Karaoke is hardly new - we've been singing since we lived in caves

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I was introduced to Karaoke at a friends wedding. It wasn't part of the plan, but the venue, where we had the Reception, was as dull as dirt, so, once the guests had mostly left, our core group of friends decided to go across the street, to a night club that seemed to be hopping.
Turned out, it was Karaoke Wednesday, so, we jumped in and basically took over the joint! We had so much fun that it became our regular Wednesday night routine. A few Years later, while helping to tend to my Mother through her Dementia, I discovered SingSnap and found it a great release, and a comfortable place to step away from the reality of my life, for a few minutes. Eventually, I finally made my way to SingSnap's Singing Chat Room, and I was totally hooked.

**Side note** The Bride decided we were going to take her to the night club, and She made us all join the list to sing for her. Everyone knows the Bride always gets her way .... on her Wedding Night! (Thanks, Tanya!! )

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DON'T LET ME DOWN ***** Click here...and enjoy it. Thank you!

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I guess I could say I'm a Grandma of SS.... I've been around Sing snap since Dec 9th 2006!! introduced by a friend of my family's at that time... who is Not on here now...

Sing snap has helped me to get over family losses, sicknesses, my husbands three year stay in hosp. and nursing homes, hard times of financial situations, by others donating gold account to me and others here on ss, I have sang when I was Happy, sad,frustrated and lonesome, sick, and tired of the things in this world! Also I have met many, many friends on here too! Some who have quit, or moved on, and some who have sadly, Died. I miss them very much and sometimes I have to go to listen to their songs just like the rest of you all do too!
Some things have improved since 2006 and some have changed for the worse on singsnap ... I believe the goals are the same here.... to Improve as needed..
I LOVE BLUEGRASS Music and Gospel but I do sing other tunes on here too. I love listening to the Elderly sing....because...they truly sing from their HEARTS.... the old songs..
Karaoke is good but live music is usually always better! If someone has a talent to play instruments they should do it... as unto the Lord!

but I am still glad Sing Snap is still here! It's been a good 13 yrs this coming Dec. with a few rough spots !
good article and story above! Thanks for Sharing the info..

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Great article and I am glad karaoke was created!

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<3 Prayers & remembrance to those who've made the ultimate sacrifice. <3

SS is my favorite place to be when I'm online. Before that it was Pal Talk music rooms where we'd attempt karaoke w/ a cd disc, and wing the lyrics. It sure was a lot of trouble
and not convenient as SS is, the growing number of friends here and loyalty to one another is really wonderful. Yes, sadly many have since passed, seeing that was heartbreaking tho now they're SS angels in the heavenly choir.

big_wolfpawsLEVEL 47

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I'm glad my bf turned me on to SingSnap!

ZhyyraLEVEL 34

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Singing at work :D lol

I was introduced to SS by friends in SL (second life) were I role-play as a dragon slayer elf lol.
I joined just over a week ago. SS is a bug and I'm bitten. I ain't leaving any time soon (if ever).
What you listen to in music becomes a part of you, and I was thinking about a place where I can sing, record and store a lot of my past favorites. SS offers me that and more. I love SS and its wonderful quality of people

rbonecrusherLEVEL 81

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I'm happy that there is such a thing as karaoke it makes it so easy to sing songs. SS makes it fun along with all the members.

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Fun way to relax. Great info

mouser2youLEVEL 47

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Wow! I love this article. I didn't know it came from China.

I started here with my Honey when we lived in separate states. It was our way to be together. I found it's a way to release pent up emotions and unwind. The more I did it the more I love it. I've only done it in person a few times and... well... I'm not bold enough to do it out there... yet I got wrapped up in things in the last 6 years I lost my mom, then my dad, quit smoking and my voice disappeared but I am still with my Honey! Yea! The stress was so tremendous I thought I'd come back to try to enjoy life again to find out... if you don't use it you lose it! lol! Now I don't squeak like a mouse! I croak like a frog! My saying is "If you can't laugh at yourself, it a real sad world!" So... hope everyone laughs along! I'm not real good. Sometimes I nail it and sometimes.... just laugh with me! Have a great day!

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1960 the song Please Mr. Custer hit the charts for about a week. Man it was played over and over and was so catchy you couldn't help but sing it. As a child I learned this song and my Dad used to stand me on a table at his bar and have me bellow it out. Now I don't know if it was Karaoke or just a way for Dad to get free beer yet it coincided with China's claim to Karaoke in 1960. I never looked back and continued to sing all of my life. This site gives an old guy a chance to relive some of those memories without leaving the house. Sure beats the road.To me that makes it special. Most songs carry their own memories for each of us and that is kind of what makes music so universal .Is not always the same but pretty much anywhere you go you will find music and someone smiling because of it. Thanks Singsnap for being that window for us all to look through one more time.

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Duet Lovers: Join the fun-find a partner-starting next week- a 3 round DUET contest CLICK HERE

I was introduced to SS by friends in SL (second life) were I role-play as a dragon slayer elf lol.
I joined just over a week ago. SS is a bug and I'm bitten. I ain't leaving any time soon (if ever).
What you listen to in music becomes a part of you, and I was thinking about a place where I can sing, record and store a lot of my past favorites. SS offers me that and more. I love SS and its wonderful quality of people Zhyyra

Welcome to sing snap

There are several SL meet ups

Listed under the events tab


Happy dragon slaying

RedAmy64LEVEL 106

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How interesting!

KimerooLEVEL 81

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Keep your hands on the plow!!!

it's been interesting watching Karaoke evolve all these decades!
love this!

musikal88LEVEL 45

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Hi. I started sing karaoke in The beginning of 2000. My choise of songs have changed from Pop to more Motown and Soul. At home i use to listen to pop, musicals, hymns and more. I LOVE beeing at SS and sing. Music and to sing is my life and IF im not sing one Day i miss something.

God bless you all! Thank you for all Nice comments!


The_Holy_MoleLEVEL 66

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Had the solo record for a short while & to my knowledge, I'm only person to set a time without any repetition. Never again though lol

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I will be listening to everyone on Saturday.

Lend me your ears for listening and your hearts for sharing. Same in return.



I sang karaoke in a small pub in Japan in 1969, accompanied by a wonderful Japanese musician.

txspicesLEVEL 22

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wow so many responses, and a very interesting article thanks for the history.

Richie24_7LEVEL 19

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Facts are for encyclopedias and those who have to hammer 'political correctness' into they're corrective lives to obtain perfection like its an achievement award..give me a break. in the United States Of America..Karaoke wasn't sold as a Toy in some mall store. no no. it was a big shinny Red Coke a Cola looking vending machine type of booth set up in the Mall Lobby..passer by shoppers, could drop $4.99 and sing a song..and have a nice cassette recording to take home to they're mothers..that was 1989 - 90. i know because i still have my cassette some 19 yrs later. i started a local Karaoke Dj business, offering my services to clubs and bars..and buddy let me tell you, that equipment came at a high dollar from your local Music Equipment Store..and i don't mean FYI, or Toys R Us. let alone try to buy a Set (i said set) of CDGS wasnt cheap either..infact..keeping up with changing times and music..it damn near broke me..just buying CDG's bundles or sets back then...my time HAS flew right on by..it seems only yesterday all this was fresh and NEW..now look where we're at..Karaoke in your pocket..on a cell phone..even them weren't readily avialible to the public back then. Nice Article..was a good read at least. Thank You. dont forget the guys who made all this possible..the small guys who put theyre homes in hock to afford "Karaoke" equipment and brought it to your local bars and clubs..lets give them a big round of applause. Thank You


Reply by Time_PassagesGOLD

C'mon - you all know that it started in church with the words printed on bulletins or passed out....

It was just monetized with available equipment/formatting and at available at places and times outside of services.

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