Karaoke - Through The Years

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by Cinnamon1965

The History Of Karaoke At A Glance!

In researching the 'History of Karaoke' I thought I would find that karaoke dated way back to the early 1900's, but it doesn't! Karaoke actually started in China back around 1960.

In 1966 ''Sing Along with Mitch,'' featuring American host Mitch Miller and a chorus, became popular for at home audiences, where they superimposed the lyrics to their songs near the bottom of the TV screen.

In 1967 a Japanese engineer Shigeichi Negishi, who ran a car audio system assembly business in Tokyo, made the first prototype.

In the 1970's The karaoke-styled machine was developed in various places in Japan.

It was 1971 Daisuke Inoue who was known as an inventor of karaoke, devised karaoke equipment in Kobe, although the audio company Clarion was the first commercial producer of the machine.

In the 1980's Shortly after the development of LaserDisc Pioneer started to offer Video Karaoke machines, capable of displaying lyrics over a music video, in addition to the existing audio functionality.

In the 1990's Karaoke soon spread to the rest of Asia and other countries all over the world. In-home karaoke machines soon followed but lacked success in the American and Canadian markets until karaoke machines were no longer being sold strictly for the purpose of karaoke but as home theater systems to enhance television watching to "movie theater like quality".

In 2009, the world record for the MOST people singing karaoke was at Bristol Motor Speedway in the United States, where over 160,000 people began to sing Garth Brooks' song "Friends in Low Places" before the NASCAR Sharpie 500 race began.

Hungary holds the record for the LONGEST Karaoke marathon with multiple participants. It lasted for 1,011 hours, 1 minute, between 20 July 2011, and 31 August 2011. Each song was over 3 minutes long and the gap between songs was no longer than 30 seconds. No song was repeated in any 2 hour period.

(source: Wikipedia)

SingSnap Is More Than Karaoke!

SingSnap.com was started almost 13 yrs ago on September 6th, 2006. It has one of the largest karaoke databases online with over 30,000 songs to choose from and a plethora of fun and unique features! What separates SingSnap from any of their competitors is not only their mission to help people express their passion for singing but also their investment in the community as a whole.

I personally joined SingSnap back in 2008 because I have loved singing ever since I could speak - and I have loved EVERY minute of being a part of this community. The people here are truly like family. They always have a kind word and offer so much talent! Exploring new music and new people by being here every day is INCREDIBLE. Yes, I love singing and sharing, but it is the people and the life long bonds that I have made here that keep me coming back. I think it IS the BEST website on the internet. I love the end of the year the most when we do the chorus and all sing a ''Favorite Christmas Carol Together.''

My best & worse moment is when SingSnap makes a video of everyone that have passed away that year and are no longer with us. Seeing their profile photo makes me laugh & cry, and some even make my mouth drop because I didn't know that they had passed away.

I have gone through some tough times over the past years from losing my mom and my best friend of 20 yrs, to me and my husband falling on hard times. Everyone here has lifted me up through their music and their thoughts and prayers. Thank you SingSnap from the bottom of my heart. You truly are the best place to be on the planet!

We all know you came here for the music - but what makes you STAY? Share your stories!

What impact has karaoke had on your life? What was life like before SingSnap?

Share YOUR Story?


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Rest in Peace KellyAnne, you will be missed...

i thought Karaoke was older than that too

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i'm so thankful to singsnap love hear and share with others and love to much : how all support my songs , usually i am growling Big hugs and thanks to all singsnapers and SS staff all.And remember : The music its the best medicine for our health and soul!!! !! Nice article !!

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Very interesting reading ..

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I'm still praying for you Hon~



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Summerfest Week 3:r/be7b338ef

Thanks for the history!!
Growing up we always "pretend" sang with our hairbrushes as mics.
Singsnap helps fill a void...not only friendships and love...but the ability to perform without judgement

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I'm still praying for you Hon~

OH YES WE ALWAYS USED OUR HAIRBRUSHES TO SING WITH...….LOL if one of us went off key the other one would bop the other in the head...…...oh how I miss her

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I'm still praying for you Hon~

wow I got 1 pt

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When you can't put your prayers into words, God hears your heart <3

I've Always enjoyed singing, even as a child, I joined Sing SNAP back in 2008 , years prior to SS I was a member of another singing site... when the site closed .. I with my many friends from that site joined Sing SNAP and we have been here ever since along the way making New Friends

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The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality.

First Cyndi I want to thank you for such an informative and great article on Karaoke History...I have to say since I joined Singsnap in 2007 I have never looked back. Prior to online Karaoke the only time I got a chance to sing at my own leisure was at Live Karaoke events held at different pubs and clubs around the town...I loved it...and had great fun singing live. However, when I discovered Singsnap...it was like my Birthday, Christmas all coming at one time...I could sing when I wanted to in the comfort of my own home.. I have met a lot of lovely people and made so many friends...I havent enough fingers and toes to count them..on..I still love Singsnap and singing as much as I did way back in March 2007...I love singing with a passion...and I love Singsnap with a passion...Meeting new people every day is wonderful...especially when you think I can be in contact with people from various parts of the world....So Singsnap has opened up my world you could say....Thank you Trevor for giving me that opportunity!

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Beverley, I totally agree with what you said...

''However, when I discovered Singsnap...it was like my Birthday, Christmas all coming at one time...I could sing when I wanted to in the comfort of my own home.. I have met a lot of lovely people and made so many friends...I havent enough fingers and toes to count them..on..I still love Singsnap and singing as much as I did way back in March 2007...''

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Ive always enjoyed singing although I never had an ounce of real teachings. I grew up singing to Motown in the broom stick when no one was around. When Karaoke machines hit the market I invested in several and the cdgs as well. I even threw outrageous parties at my home and rented the big Karaoke machines..but still couldn't bring myself to go out to a night club and sing in front of people like I could at home or at parties at my home or homes of my girlfriends. Then When I met and married my husband now, he says singing is best left to those who know how. So I have since parked my karaoke machines and I come to SingSnap where people from all over share their talents and songs and conversation and never once have I been put down or felt awakward to be here. I enjoy all the comments and duets and trinkets and colored names, I enjoy the contests and challenges and this has become one of the few things I do to recharge my battery or just unplug...Love is SS

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Thank you for this, I also was at another site around 2007, came here ( I had a different handle when I joined in 2008, there are still a few songs up by Shadywhit, ) my family loved to sing, daddy really did sing bass and momma tenor! I enjoy coming back all these years because of the challenges. Learning new songs, or at least new lyrics and styles, LOL, ( doin it my way) And the members can't be beat, a great bunch of friends! And something special I share with my husband. What song choice will we pick for a challenge, ? colors, ? pics ? Fonts? for backgrounds. Great discussions and feedback right here at home.

-TinaLEVEL 107


Great Article Cindy

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Thank you China!

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Thanks for the info!

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Rest in Peace KellyAnne, you will be missed...

I used to buy a weekly magazine called WORDS, the lyrics to around 15 chart songs per issue were there to help you sing along to the radio, my sister and i usedto tick them off in different coloured pens when we had learned them....i still have the entire collection from 1968 to 1975

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I have the greatest friends here on SS....ty all for your kindness! hugs n peace!!!

I joined Singsnap shortly after it was created and have been in music heaven ever since....it has brought me through some difficult times and I have had some of the most joyful times with new and old friends...I came from another site as well.....along with hundreds of friends. I love music , but I never would sing ''outloud'' where others could hear me ..cept in church. Singsnap has brought me out of my shell some...along with my dear music friends. I have no training , I only sing for my pleasure to relax! I am so thankful for anyone who listens to me '' howl at the moon''!!!lol My family enjoys listening...my grandkids love to ''play sing'' when they were small.......now I can't get them to sing anymore. lol Thank you for the karaoke history.....I too thought it had been around much longer than it has. I am thankful for it no matter.....may it continue to enrich our lives.

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Loved this, excellent job!

I started Snap in 2007. Prior to that I was singing Karaoke in midi format via a cresendo player on sites I found here and there. Needless to say when I discovered Singsnap, I was in love!


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When not singing with my own piano accompaniment, my trusted karaoke/dual recorder machine, purchased thru "black market" measures (as it was otherwise not available) in 1988, came to the rescue for singing professionally at weddings, private parties, clubs and charity events. I still use it to assist my recordings on SS!

I was introduced to SS by a dear local friend on SS , who was concerned I stopped singing due to my heinous divorce. He set up my site, gave me my screen name and purchased my membership for a year..how could I say no??

It has been a part of my daily life since 2012, an introduction to too many relationships (!!!), yet I remain grateful for the friendships made, as well as a place to rehearse and catalogue my songs to share with others. Thank you SS...with special thanks to Catstephens for introducing me to this amazing site of such incredible fellow singers. SING ON!!!

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Happy Weekend !!

Nice post .Thank you for sharing !

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I haven't listened to a radio since the early 90's. I have too many thoughts running around in my head to pay attention to the music and words. I used to go to jam sessions and used to have many musical instruments. I'm down to a few instruments now that I rarely play anymore. Time factor! I started going to Karaoke back in 2009 and was introduced to Singsnap thru a friend at karaoke. I didn't understand how to move around the site , how to copy and paste, or anything and didn't ask for help. roughly 2 years ago I decided to take it seriously and learn how. After I asked for help, it was given. I didn't feel like such a dummy!
Since them I have involved myself wherever I could. I love it! I can sing at night after everyones in bed, or thru the day when the kids are gone to school! No live Karaoke could work around MY schedule!

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Great story, Cyndi!!

I joined SS in 2008 & I will admit that at first, I thought singing karaoke online was lame & I almost didn't join!! Lol
It's so funny though because eventually, I was hooked on this site & it became one of my favorite things to do! I have met tons of great people on here & have even met some of them in person!! I stay on here because I'm hooked lol. I am always wanting to learn new songs & this is the perfect place for that. I'm always hearing new music, learning about new artists, and trying to learn to sing new songs. I also just love meeting the great people on here!
I don't even remember what life was like before SS! I barely remember those days. I feel like I've been here forever! I am on here at least a little while almost every single day! I could probably count on one hand the days that I may not have logged in within the last few years. It's just that addictive for me lol!!!


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'Lei'-Zy Daze CHALLENGE: Crazy For You

Great info...thank you Cyndi. I always thought karaoke originated from Japan.

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What an interesting read Cyndi!

I started in 2010 and this site has literally saved my life.. my story is too long to tell as I don't have time to write it right now... but I will say I truly love this site and the community!

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I joined Singsnap on the last day of 2011. I was told about singsnap by an existing member who I knew from another website. At first i just came to listen. It was quite some time before I was brave enough to sing myself. I stay because it's like an on line family and also because coming here is my going out.

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Wonderful information given about Karaoke!

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RIP KellyAnne4Peace. forum/topic/ba19b89c?page=9e1c3

Very interesting, Cyndi! I could give a long story, but basically, if I didn't have SS I really believe I would have a tough time with clinical depression.

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J&D's Country girls @ heart #101 in auditions now!!>>Click here ladies(gold members only!)

Loved this, excellent job!

I started Snap in 2007. Prior to that I was singing Karaoke in midi format via a cresendo player on sites I found here and there. Needless to say when I discovered Singsnap, I was in love! Sunny_K

Same here Kelly! I feel like singsnap is "home" for me. All my friends are here.
Great article Cyndi

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RIP KellyAnne4Peace. forum/topic/ba19b89c?page=9e1c3

Beverley, I totally agree with what you said...

''However, when I discovered Singsnap...it was like my Birthday, Christmas all coming at one time...I could sing when I wanted to in the comfort of my own home.. I have met a lot of lovely people and made so many friends...I havent enough fingers and toes to count them..on..I still love Singsnap and singing as much as I did way back in March 2007...''Cinnamon1965

I feel the same way, too Bev and Cyndi. I got here in May of 2007. I hear so many say that they are bored with SingSnap or "things aren't how they used to be." Well, that's right. In my opinion, it's bigger and better! I think that I listen to folks more than I did back then and I tend to chat more. LOL I used to sing at least 20 songs a day. I remember that I used to thank people for their comments right on the song, but that was when we didn't have the quote feature. Someone told me that most of the time those people who commented would never see my thank yous because they didn't come back to see if anyone thanked them for a comment. I was told that the way I should thank them is to listen to one of their songs. And so it began. I started making a lot more friends.

But, like you ladies have said, I love this place just as much as when I first started. May 14 will be 12 years. That blows me away! I don't look at my old videos much because I get depressed at how much better I looked then. hahaha!

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Remembering KA4P & all SS Angels // Thank You (Who) so much for the fiery trinket (virtual hug)

Thanks, Cyndi (and all)
It was really interesting to read how Karaoke evolved over the years.
Not just a trend or fad - but really filling a great need
And SingSnap provides people that opportunity to express themselves through music and camaraderie.
Just plain fun! In your home, convenient, and available 24 hrs /day
How could we not stay?

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That is some cool information. Thank you for sharing

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Y'all know about my Forum work since 2009 from "SingSnap® Matters! - Page 5." I originally came aboard 12 December 2008, when YAHOO!® was fixing to close down bix® after three years; I ran an eMachines®/Acer® EL1210-09 (running Microsoft® Windows® 6.0.6001) and a then-unmodified everex® TC2502 (1.5 GHz VIA® C7-D, pc2500/UniChrome chipset) at the time and had shortlisted the Logitech® QuickCam® S7500 to replace the Creative Laboratories® VF0351 that crashed every browser when I attempted to calibrate the latter in the Setup Wizard (/Snap/Record/Wizard at the time).

My gear has slowly evolved over my decade here at the Snap, and I'm fixing to put refurb Advanced Micro Devices® Phenom II® X4's in both my rigs - ideally the 910e, which consumes 65W max and runs a 2.6 GHz core clock. (The stock Athlon II® X2 220 in the ASUS® CM1630-06, running under Microsoft® Windows® 10.0.17763.379 as of 13 March 2019, runs a 2.8 GHz core clock but packs but a fourth of my planned upgrade's L2 cache.) The Logitech® QuickCam® S7500 is staying put, but I need to replace a SONY® PlayStation® Eye™ that refuses to cooperate with Video4Linux™ 2 (although it streamed 320x240px at full speed when last used). I'm also fixing to acquire the last of four TOSHIBA® MQ01ABD050 hard drives for the LinUX box (three are already in and running, but a Western Digital® WD1600 is on TDY for the boot/root drive).

I've no problem viewing Recordings and Topics, neither posting Comments or Replies, but I did encounter a setback 10 August 2018: The NETGEAR® WNDR4500 failed hard in August 2018, about a week after I completed:

(Basil Glen Ballard Jr./Alan Anthony Silvestri) Warner Olive Music LLC/Jobanala Music/Aerostation Corp./Universal MCA Music, ASCAP

for "Christmas in July!," and I haven't the information to put Songs.SingSnap.com and Recording??.SingSnap.com through its successor the LINKSYS®/Belkin® EA7500 as of 13 March 2019 (see "Perpetual preparing recorder"). That's the primary hang-up attempting new Recordings. Once the EA7500 roadblock is cleared, I can get back to rehearsal.

Keep singing,

B. C. Schmerker

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I am not big on expressing what I feel, Cyndi your information above is very interesting.....I have prayed hard for you through the hard times you have gone through, I know you are a devote believer, so the Lord has been with you and protected you through all your trials and tribulations......you are still in my prayers.
My first contact with sing snap was in 2013, I have always been involved in the music world, working for EMI, being a DJ in the 80's, playing and singing in bands for most of my life, so SS is another wonderful music outlet for me.
I have met so many great people on this site, some have become long term friends.....I don't miss a day of SS.

Tommy (teg1950)

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Thanks for the history of Karaoke!

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Reply by mdaamandrake


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very interesting...

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I used to sing solos in church choir as a kid. Then my voice changed and I thought I saw someone in the audience smiling like they were surprised I was singing a bit lower, and I was embarrassed. I stopped trying to do solos, even though I stayed in choir. I didn't try another solo for about 25 years. I found my voice in karaoke, and then got up my nerve and finally sang another solo in church, with no choir behind me. I loved it. I found SingSnap, and I think staying with SS helped me continue to be able to sing solos in church. It helped me continue practicing a lot, and I got a lot of good feedback. I'm grateful to have SS in my life.



great information!

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My entry for SUMMERFEST WEEK 3 / HAWAII! [ Had fun! Thank you for da Lovesss :-]

Amazing reading material. Thanks for sharing
( truthfully great reading stuff while sitting at the beach! This ROCKS!)

I believe where there is people there is the power of voice. That power is in reality as old as we all are ( humans) That being said, putting a date on when karaoke was born can be rather tricky, and you can just go back so far by researching the info.

This is just my " bird's eye/ overall" point of view. Karaoke/Singing/Voice talent was born when we were, period!

Furthermore, I can tell you for sure; Sound, voice, waves.... Whatever you wish to call it, is very powerful and can be used in ways that humans did not discover yet... But we will

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informative important information!

MDAMandrakeLEVEL 74

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thank you for this!

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Great article

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1971: Development in Japan. There are various disputes about who first invented the name karaoke. One claim is that the karaoke styled machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, Japan, in 1971.

And thanks to Diasuke Inoue ,,,,,,,,cause I love Karaoke
and great for stress and health ,,,,,,

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This is Wonderful Ty for info I came here a couple months after my mom passed on heard about it thru pal talk and ever since then fell in love with SS and the people on here ..Been here since Oct.18 2007 It's my get away from it all....TY u All

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informative important information!mandrakemda

Thank you

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A Karaoke marathon in Hungary lasting 1, 011 hours. Whew! Wicked.


Reply by Time_PassagesGOLD

Great article Shannon and thanks for the history lesson. My first karaoke-like experience was lip synching my grandpa when he used to sing Chinese Opera back in the 60's. In 1991, my first experience with a karaoke machine was with a Pioneer laser disc (12") event in a pub after a softball tourney...you guessed it "Friends in Low Places" was the tune!


Edited reply by Time_PassagesGOLD

Joined Ksolo in 2006 and invited to SS later that fall by STAT_SUEof_LYRICLY and been singing ever since. I recall my Beta account id was in the 40000's at that time.

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