SingSnap All-Star! Official Contest!

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NovellaLEVEL 108

Post by NovellaSTAFF 10

Where Vocal Talent and Creativity Make You A Star!

Do you like to sing?
Are you creative?
Do you like to compete?
Do you want to win Free Gold?

Then this is the contest for you! We are very happy to introduce a brand new official SingSnap contest which meshes together vocal talent and creativity in equal doses to crown our SingSnap All-Star! Some people can sing, some people are extremely creative - but are you both?

Contest Objective:

- Twenty-one artists from various eras and genres have been chosen as favorites by SingSnap Staff. You must sing any song from one of the chosen artists. You will be judged equally on both your vocal performance as well as the creativity that went into delivering it.

- The entire contest will run for two weeks but only one song submission is required by the deadline. Submissions will be accepted for one week.

- There will be prizes! (See Below For Details!)

Cam Users Tips: We're not just asking you to dress-up silly and sing a song. You must creatively deliver the song. Connect whatever performance you do with the song you are singing. Make us Laugh, make us cry, evoke any and all emotions. The idea is to make us not want to look away from whatever it is you're doing on-screen! Know no boundaries!

Audio-Only Tips: If you're not comfortable getting on cam - we definitely still want you to participate. Creativity is limitless and we challenge you to really think out of the box. Create an entire story with your song, decorate your page, slide shows, video clips, absolutely anything you want! Sing your heart out and show us just how creative you can be.

Keep in mind Snappers, everything you do must be in align with SingSnap Terms Of Use.

The Prizes:

Yes! We're giving away Gold! There will be a first, second and third place winner. Each person will receive Gold that can either be added onto their current subscription - or - given to a SingSnap member of their choice!

First Place - 1 Year Of Gold
Second Place - 6 Months of Gold
Third Place - 3 Months of Gold

Judging Criteria & Information:

- Vocal Ability and Creativity will be judged equally.
- The SingSnap Events team/Staff will select the Top 25.
- SingSnap Staff will select First, Second and Third Place.
- First Round of Judging will be done anonymously. You will receive two banners from the Special Events Team.
- Second Round judging will be done by SingSnap Staff.
- Give it your all, have some fun, and wow us with your creativity!

The Schedule:

All Entries: Entries will be accepted until 5:00 PM EST Monday June 27, 2011.
Top 25: The Top 25 will be announced on Wednesday June 29, 2011.
The Winners: The winners will be announced on Friday July 1, 2011.

*Schedule is subject to change.

The Artists:

Dixie Chicks
Toby Keith
Merle Haggard
Tammy Wynette
Nat King Cole
Roy Orbison
Nora Jones
Melissa Ethridge
Bryan Adams
Elton John
Eric Clapton
Jennifer Lopez
Sarah Mclachlan
Justin Timberlake
Ray Charles
Michael Bublé
Brenda Lee
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift
Christina Perri

Rules & Guidelines:

1. Fresh recordings only. No Pre-records.
2. Songs must be dated between June 20th and 5:00 PM EST June 27, 2011 to be accepted.
3. The song must be by one of the 21 pre-selected artists.
4. If you sing a duet with two recording artists, both of those artists must be part of the pre-selected 21.
5. Using the harmony function is allowed.
6. No two+ Snapper duets.
7. Gender Benders are allowed.
8 Only ONE entry per contestant, and there is no substituting. Your first entry will be the only one accepted, so make sure it is the one you want before entering it.
9. Cam effects are allowed.
10. Judges’ decisions are final and any drama/negativity/poor sportsmanship will result in immediate disqualification.
11. SingSnap employees and volunteers are welcome to participate but are not eligible for the grand prize.
12. The song must be submitted on this thread, in the following format;

Song Title - Artist
Song Link

Most Importantly - Have Fun!

-Liz-LEVEL 30

Reply by -Liz-

SOUNDS AWESOME!!! Flaggin and will be back soon with something

mysticaldreamsLEVEL 54

Reply by mysticaldreams


lori4222LEVEL 64

Reply by lori4222

This sounds like it's going to be a blast!!!!!
I'll give it a go!!

-TinaLEVEL 104


On Vacation be bk July 1st :)

flaggin to listen =)

CazManiaLEVEL 92

Reply by CazManiaGOLD 4

Woo hooo!! Flagging

SingingRainbowLEVEL 104

Reply by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS 1

J&D's CG@H#86 RND#2 is right here!<3

Woohooooooooooo!! Have fun everyone :o)

NovellaLEVEL 108

Reply by NovellaSTAFF 10

Annnnnnnnnd we're off!


Reply by JCDGOLD

Oh ..... this is going to be a BLAST!!!!!!! Getting my CRAZY THINKING CAP on!

Daydreamer2008LEVEL 85

Reply by Daydreamer2008GOLD


I usually do not like being in any contests as I know I'm not the best singer. I know my limits lol

But it can still be fun to at least join, and to see everyone elses creativity!

Iceman1967LEVEL 92

Reply by Iceman1967GOLD


Iceman1967LEVEL 92

Reply by Iceman1967GOLD

I'm IN

GordonhbLEVEL 9

Reply by Gordonhb

Let's give it a try!!


Reply by GIRLYQ3


NovellaLEVEL 108

Reply by NovellaSTAFF 10


I usually do not like being in any contests as I know I'm not the best singer. I know my limits lol

But it can still be fun to at least join, and to see everyone elses creativity!


That's the spirit! Annnnnnnd keep in mind, creativity AND vocal talent are equal in this contest!

VGFan4LifeLEVEL 102

Reply by VGFan4LifeGOLD

The Vince Gill/Eagles concert was awesome!!! And I'm going to see Vince in August!!! YAY!!

Awesome!! Am flagging........................ :O)

Daydreamer2008LEVEL 85

Reply by Daydreamer2008GOLD


I usually do not like being in any contests as I know I'm not the best singer. I know my limits lol

But it can still be fun to at least join, and to see everyone elses creativity!


That's the spirit! Annnnnnnd keep in mind, creativity AND vocal talent are equal in this contest!Novella

Thank you Novella! Got my thinking-cap on =o)

WorkBootsLEVEL 4

Reply by WorkBoots

flagging this thread

samhelLEVEL 50

Reply by samhelGOLD


JulesLEVEL 95

Reply by JulesGOLD

This is going to be so much fun!


Reply by --Baz--GOLD

Thanks for the FB link, Ive been waiting for a legit contest to come up...and I love the sound of this

back_of_the_alleyLEVEL 4

Reply by back_of_the_alley

Me please

misscullyLEVEL 15

Reply by misscully

I'm IN THIS WILL BE FUN ~~~~~~~~~Joan


Reply by BarbaraMariaPATRON


GaGa_and_HeadsLEVEL 15

Reply by GaGa_and_Heads

Flaggin' ...

*I agree Daydreamer2008 (Mona). I know my limits too, but I love participating and having FUN! I also agree with TREVOR, it's AMAZING the talent here on SingSnap. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with to entertain us with ... AND THIS IS A SS CONTEST WITH PRIZES! LOVE IT!

marywulsLEVEL 101

Reply by marywulsGOLD 1

Have a super week x



Reply by tigerobsessd

flaggin, sounds fun

CmartinezLEVEL 33

Reply by Cmartinez

I'm in !!

Miss_kellyLEVEL 2

Reply by Miss_kelly

I am in!!!!!


Reply by justadreamerGOLD


freespirit_txLEVEL 82

Reply by freespirit_txGOLD

Yes! The SS FuN Meter is gonna be Rockin'!!

hungrylightLEVEL 29

Reply by hungrylight


LuvMyMusicLEVEL 52

Reply by LuvMyMusicGOLD

Count me in.. sounds like fun!

myheartkenLEVEL 28

Reply by myheartken

Im in.. How do you flag

NovellaLEVEL 108

Reply by NovellaSTAFF 10

Im in.. How do you flag


Click Here

PrettyHaideeLEVEL 1

Edited reply by PrettyHaidee


ZenaidaLEVEL 87

Reply by ZenaidaGOLD

I like to try even though the song does'nt
like me still I like to try, I'm in

AuntyWalnutLEVEL 101

Reply by AuntyWalnutGOLD


sweetcheeks27LEVEL 87

Reply by sweetcheeks27

woohoooooo have fun everyone =)

Tess-onlineLEVEL 21

Reply by Tess-online

Lets see how creative I can be

Ms_Truckin_BlueyLEVEL 5

Reply by Ms_Truckin_Bluey

Woohoooo...This is gonna be awesomeeeee...Good luck all you Snappers!!!..Bring your best!!...

doubleflipLEVEL 21

Reply by doubleflip


-Emily-LEVEL 62

Reply by -Emily-GOLD

flagging.. =)


Reply by Bob-SGOLD

Count me in. Flaggin

GuinavereLEVEL 51

Reply by GuinavereGOLD 10


ChandaLEVEL 81

Edited reply by ChandaVOLUNTEER-VIP 50

sweet!! I'm in too!

"know no boundries"

You have no idea how long I waited to hear that on here... lmao!!!!!! i'm kidding!!

Becca07LEVEL 22

Reply by Becca07GOLD

Hmmm... I can usually sing alright, but I dont know about that creativity... I think I will try anyway just for the fun! Flagged!

starieyLEVEL 1

Reply by stariey


CheybabyxxLEVEL 107

Reply by CheybabyxxGOLD 1

flagged .

Karaokelady38LEVEL 33

Reply by Karaokelady38GOLD


kraizeeangelLEVEL 13

Reply by kraizeeangel

Oh yeah! I'm in! Flagged~

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