please help save my recordings!!

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hi... i am in distress low on funds right now and no car so i can't do most of my jobs nor run most of our money making events at our small art community with recording studio and rehearsal space and my roommate's pua unemployment just ran out too (i didn't qualify) so he's having trouble giving me work or helping me save my recordings. really upset about this new thing of only 5 recordings unless you buy gold and i had another account for my son with very precious recordings of him singing his own karaoke they deleted and i didn't see the warning because it's an email i don't check regularly. i got the alert for this one and usually check at the same time. can anyone sponsor me please? i need to find a way to save my recordings since i can't afford gold every time. they should let us save our videos... download them. especially, in my opinion, if we had joined back when you could have a hundred recordings free thinking we wouldn't lose them and gold was just a perk to have more songs and pitch control. otherwise i would have used another site who lets you keep your songs. (like for example i had a lot of red karaoke videos and i uploaded them all to my youtube channel and always wished i could do that with these too, but i wasn't super upset about it since there could be a hundred saved and i told everyone how great singsnap was and now i am pretty upset and don't feel the same way.) anyway please can someone sponsor me? also i am trying hard to find someone to help recover the videos of my son that they deleted... i don't know if anyone can help. i am really so upset. last time when i got this gold membership they were not threatening to delete any of those. i think there were only under 10 recordings. so this time when warned about this account cuz gold expired i naturally was shocked that songs on the other account had been deleted permanently a few days ago. my son now lives 2 hours away with his dad and the lady he had a five year affair with... she is 15 years older than him and was his boss and has a house and basically they have more money because of that and it was a big nasty drama and he should really be with me and my heart is very broken and THEY DELETED HIS SUGARPIE HONEY BUN AND LOCOMOTION VIDEOS... they were his first time trying his own videos and so cute and because of this setup the only copies and i am just beside myself...