What's Up!?

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ZhyyraLEVEL 35

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Hello everyone. I got to SS just over a week ago and only saw this Introductions section a couple of days ago but never had the time to post. But now I do, yaaay!

I took to SS like duck to water and decided to enter a 90's competition. I saw What's Up? by 4 non blondes (1993) a song which I like a lot, on the freebies list (I was not a paying member yet). I decided to record and enter and guess what? It never came last, lol
I realize now that the song as a SS debut makes for quite a good introductory too.

I'm working on my profile page too (time permitting) so that the wonderful friends that I have already made here can get to know more about me too.

Anyhow it's great to be on SS and say hello and What's Up!?


KellyAnne4PeaceLEVEL 109

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Nice to meet you!

ZhyyraLEVEL 35

Reply by Zhyyra

Nice to meet you too KellyAnne. Wow, that sure is a fancy star, thanks


Karens_MusicLEVEL 99

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Sing whatever you like and have fun doing it !

Welcome to SingSnap Zhy !

-Bev-LEVEL 106

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Hello there and welcome to Singsnap....Hope you have lots of fun singing!!!

ZhyyraLEVEL 35

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Welcome to SingSnap Zhy !

Thank you Karen, it's very nice to be here:-)

ZhyyraLEVEL 35

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Hello there and welcome to Singsnap....Hope you have lots of fun singing!!! -Bev-

Thank you very much for the welcome Bev, and I am indeed planing lots and lots of fun. Yaaay!

VitaminDeeLEVEL 101

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Be REAL, Be safe & kind. Take care of each other--If you are struggling reach out-


Hello did you see the 2nd life meet up ?


Maybe some of you friends are there