Do You Duet?

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KimerooLEVEL 81

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Keep your hands on the plow!!! don't look back

wow this is such an inspiration ~ makes me wanna duet!!
great comments!!
hope ya'll had a nice Mother's Day

DrsWoodardLEVEL 103

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Every Man For Himself / Neal McCoy forum/topic/b4197f74?lastpage=9b1c6#last

I'm a dueting dandy

DrsWoodardLEVEL 103

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Every Man For Himself / Neal McCoy forum/topic/b4197f74?lastpage=9b1c6#last

Thanks for your time and information it's been helpful

txspicesLEVEL 21

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I love to sing duets, but im just coming back to sing and my voice isn't yet where it should be, my throat is really tight yet too but ill get there and when I do look out.

patpikerLEVEL 103

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ilove singing duets have copd and it can be tough at times but I love singing &always will try as much as I can

ClarelolaLEVEL 69

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I do a few duets...not too many as the songs I listen to and know generally aren't duets...but I do enjoy it when I find a song that attracts me! Always a pleasure to sing with others!

ragtime108LEVEL 91

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For people really interested in duet-ing more, there is a "Duets" thread on the Message Board with lots of open duets ...

ErelaLEVEL 44

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Hi Novella....
I am back..... and I have so missed my SS family!!

MysteriousSopranoLEVEL 85

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Yes I do love to duet!!

My first duet here in SingSnap was when I was participating in the first contest I participated here. Unfortunately, I don't have that recording anymore.. But I remember who was my "partner in crime" (as he himself called). I became sad and shocked when I discovered in a SS Angels recording that he (CassiarIV) was not with us anymore.

I have many duets with my friend EnioPedrozo, such as: . It's always a pleasure to sing with him.

I "met" Jane (after her life) in VitaminDee's Most Awesome Christmas Playlist of 2017 contest and I recorded with Jane (JCD) some duets, like: . It was amazing.

I love so much this duet with my "sis" Poppy: . It's wonderful.

I also recorded many other great duets with other singsnapers.

And my favorite partner to duet is my girlfriend Ana (AkashaMoonShadow). One of our duets that I love so much is:

Richie24_7LEVEL 18

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to compare Garth & Trisha to others WHO were staples of the word embarassing, and with out actual researching on your part..1. Garth left his wife sandy & children..for Trish the home wrecker, cant stand either one of them..nuff said. What about Loretta & Conway? Dottie & Kenny? or Tanya & Campbell? Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius? to list a few. Duets help perpetuate each others careers, or can ruin Dolly & Porter. i do believe there is power in Duets..if Done Right.

2heartsAMDGLEVEL 61

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All Things Are Possible With God

I love duets.

I listen start to finish to every duet of mine that has been completed. It's not an obligation-- it's a joy. It takes courage to sing on the internet for all to hear. I hope when folks join me they feel truly heard and appreciated.

There is a popular HOT duet right now-- and I hate this song so much

It makes my skin crawl-- the singers are wonderful but the song itself is cringe worthy.

ANY way after several requests and some good advice from a professional musician who said "We get paid to sing songs we hate nightly- you just do what ya gotta do", I decided to start learning it.

While I hate this song, I loved how it brought strangers from around the world in song. for 3.5 min, no one is arguing, hating or talking politics, they are just singing and communicating love in the form of song. That's is nice

I made myself learn it and learn how to sing it. It was outta my comfort zone vocally. It was hard to capture the emotion cos of my disdain of the song.

I learned that singing is "acting on pitch" and I wanted to be able to sing with my friends.
I love the comradery and the feeling of accomplishment when hearing a completed duet.

If me providing an open duet of a song I hate brings joy to someone else---IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

MUCH love to you & happy singing!!


I am dying to know wthe song

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