Improved Recorder Released!

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blazaLEVEL 46

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Or maybe check to see if your microphone is clicked off.

blazaLEVEL 46

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@ Larry

LMAO and right back atcha..

RugerLEVEL 42

Reply by Ruger

I'll go try one and see what happens, and will take into consideration all that was said! Even that^^^^ lol

BCSchmerker2LEVEL 87

Reply by BCSchmerker2

I give up trying to record, because the control lever for your voice will not stay where I set it. As I sing I see it slowly dropping every time, and on playback my voice just gets lost. Ruger

The reason it's dropping is because you probably have "Clipping Protection" checked. It's on the lower right hand side of the recorder. Uncheck that, and the record lever will stay put.

Clipping protection drops the record level when your vocals get louder to prevent distortion. lily04

Good point. When setting up the Recorder for:

(John Stewart) Screen Gems-EMI Music, BMI

I disabled Clipping Protection and adjusted capture gain down a notch from default to allow full dynamic range short of clip from the Nady® DKW-3 through a BOSS®/Roland® VE-20 (on Preset 02: Pop), as input into the Asus® CM1630's XONAR® mic input. I like the improved Recorder's peak mic meter, as it handles in similar fashion to the peak-program meters on late-model recording consoles.

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