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oh my god it is so good to be back on singsnap , i am one of the first original members way back when singsnap first started , i had over 900 recordings i was sooo addicted but many have gone now , what can i say i couldnt keep up with the gold subs and they had to go , then my main computer broke which meant i couldnt record , anyhowser after a pretty long break and having discovered singsnaps awesome new recording techs i am back as a gold subscriber and i am back with absolute awe at how big this site has grown and how wonderful the talent is , and its still the same good ol friendly singsnap family orientation it had before i had my break away , for everyone who hasnt met me yet , my name is chrissy-lou , and for those who know me here or remember me a great big yahooooo helllooo , missed ya xxxxx feel free to send me requests or duets im loving this xxx

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Here is a duet for you. Welcome back. PS I am new here so feedback on my songs would be nice!


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Welcome back Chrissy.