Feature Page Suggestions for June 14, 2019

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Post Your Feature Page Suggestions/Requests Here!

Do you have a song you would like to sing on Friday and have it posted on the feature page? Then let us know and post the links here!

Be sure to read this tutorial carefully and post the recording link. Do not post the song title or artist or links to recordings already made.

Example Recording Link:


(yes, they're super long now! lol)

How to Post Your Links!

1. Click on the Record Tab
2. Find the song you want on the Feature Page and click Record
3. Copy the URL and paste it in this thread (See Below)

Please post your requests by Thursday @ 3 pm SingSnap time.

If you have multiple song requests we will do our best but depending on the volume of requests we may not be able to get them all featured. We will start with adding the first one from every member who suggests a song, then the second, etc..

Happy Singing!

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Ty everyone for your thoughts , prayers & hugs I appreciate it <3 hugs <3

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13 years on this glorious site! <3


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Return comments when i come back online. Going offline for now .Thank You!

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13 years on this glorious site! <3

Sorry folks, my internet was out today. I will get those I didnt get to add, added tomorrow morning xo