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Hey, I posted a while back, asking for a crude and honest critique of my singing.. and I have since sang probably a few hundred times.. and I feel like I have improved quite a lot. So, I am reposting the topic of please give me an honest critique of my singing, I will post a few of what I feel to be my best songs. I thank any and all who take the time to listen.


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Reply by Loretta_Grace are my thoughts have a very nice tone in your voice....I do think on some songs you do try a little too sure to have enough air in your lungs to hold the notes or sing a little longer without having to clear your throat. Some of them I think you maybe singing just a notch too high, bring it down one notch. The more you sing , the better you will get !!!! I like your voice...keep singing

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Still not projecting your voice, and the songs still seem to be out of your vocal range(for now). Are you warming up your vocals before you start singing? this will help a lot with you opening up your vocals.. try something more on the mello side with just a little modulation.


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Some of them I think you maybe singing just a notch too high, bring it down one notch.Loretta_Grace

Still not projecting your voice, and the songs still seem to be out of your vocal range(for now).painkiller

Exactly my first thought.

Why sing songs that are way too high for you? Either lower their pitch (you know how to do this?) or choose a different song. More Johnny Cash and less Christina Aguilera. You might also work on your timing, your pitch, your breathing, your delivery and your emotional commitment to the song. You appear (wait...was that a throat clearing in the middle of a song?) to be simply fooling around. Not seriously trying. Talking all over the song. Generally trashing it. But..hey. You do seem to be having a good time. So, there is THAT.

I listened to some of your first songs.....and some of your last. Have you improved? Uh...Probably.

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Thanks for listening all.. I will take these words to heart.


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Please feel free to go on my site and recordings and post critics and improvements needed, I have not been singing in public for long but enjoy singing now I have recovered from past comments of growling not singing.

Please give feeback x


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Sorry, I just need to revive this topic. I feel like I am continuing to improve, I just feel like community input could aid my mission to continue to improve as a singer.
Thanks to any who take time to listen.

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What did I just listen to? Goodiest if you sing for fun thats awesome bro keep singing. But if you tryin to be a professional singer you got lots of work to go lots of improving to be that better singer you want to be..

Now 1st off do you go back and listen to your songs? Can you not hear how you cant hit a note in them songs and how you rush in songs? Go listen to kid rock sing only god knows why and tell me if you see him sounding like mickey mouse tryin to hit notes in his songs or if he is rushin in his songs and not taking his time.

Bro emotion is nother thing in singing. Is when a great singer sings a song great do you want to kno why that is? Sure they maby have a good voice but main thing is they feel the song and that helps them sing song great to others.

Also picking the right songs to sing is big thing in singing. I mean you cant be singing high note songs if you cant hit them notes. But that dont mean you cant hit them notes later. Cause singing the right way your voice will grow. And well singing the wrong way you only make your voice weak and more weak and it is not healthy.

Sooo take your time in your songs goodiest. Pick the right songs. Take breaths in pauses and when you need to in songs. Keep control of your voice. And I kno you hear this before but practice and keep practice cause you cant get worse singing the right way you only get worse singing the wrong way.

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I want to apologize to everyone, for not being open-minded enough to listen to your words.
Turns out the circumstances in my life and the path I chose to go down completely blinded me to many things. I thank god today that he has started to open my eyes. I would be TRULY appreciative if you could give me some feedback on any of these songs. This time I will heed your advice, I promise. The songs are Folsom Prison Blues, Santeria, and Everybody Hurts, respectively. Thanks.