**RESULTS**J&D's Calendar girls *November edition*(RESULTS)

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J&D's CG@H#104 The Finals! <3Remembering Judie <3


Hello ladies and welcome to our "J&D's Calendar girls 1 song only contest, The Results. We want to thank everyone who joined us and shared their voice with us and the world. We are happy you did and enjoyed all of your performances. Choosing "winners" is never an easy task but since this is a "contest" and not a "challenge" we must. We do have a TOP 5 with one TIE. We have personalized banners for all of them and a CONTESTANTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for ALL. We congratulate everyone with special congrats to our Top winner and our Miss November, CarrieAngel. Great performances ladies!! We hope to see you all again real soon. We were in great company. Please stay safe and have a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving everyone!! :)
Denise & Johnny :)







See you all real soon!!
Denise & Johnny :)

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congrats to all the winners! thanks for a great contest Denise & Johnny! hugs****Sylvia!


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Congrats to all the winners .loved the contest


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I learned alot of new songs

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Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the winners

Thank you Denise for having me

God bless you and Johnny


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Ahhh! What a blessing Thanks so much Denise and Johnny! Your contests are always so much fun. I sure enjoyed learning my song and listening to so many new songs. Congratulations Winners.

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J&D's CG@H#104 The Finals! <3Remembering Judie <3

You are all so welcome ladies!! We hope to see you all again real soon

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Awe What a lovely Surprise
Thank you so much Denise & John such a nice calm contest
I'll show my banner proudly
Hugs Netta

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Congrats. Loretta Lynn's drummer of 22 years is my drummer I had to share this contest with him. He was very entertained.

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Oh I do apologize that I did not get my bonus on in I did not even know where the bone of song was I read your comment on my song. I have a lot going on I do these just to get some kind of relief in my mother's and dying and I'm very close to her and I'm the youngest of four and she's dementia set on her really fast and she's going down real quick say between that and I sing in a band I did not even see a bonus song I apologize but it was still fun and your choices was good pics.

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It doesn't matter who hurt or broke you. What matters is who made you smile again :)

Congratulations to all the winners. Especially our Miss November.

Until next time
Have an amazing evening
Keep singing

Another incredible contest Denise and Johnny

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J&D's CG@H#104 The Finals! <3Remembering Judie <3

@Kim:We are sorry about your mom my friend, it is very sad news but you might be confused there are no bonus songs in this contest at all. You and your family are in our prayers.


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Ohhh, Thanks so much Denise and Johnny.
I love the gorgeous banner, and am truly grateful.
Congrats Ladies - your songs were lovely and I enjoyed my listens.

Sorry to hear about your mom Kim. I know a little something about that, and I do


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Congrats Ladies, thank you Denise, Johnny and I seen a mention of Melody so her too for the contest.


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BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and thank you to the Host and Hostess.

This has been a very professionally run contest and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. I know I did.

Til we meet again - May the Good Lord Bless and Keep Us All.


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Congrats Ladies !!
Thanks J & D For the Great Contest


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Congratulations to all the banner winners! Your songs were AMAZING!

Thank you J&D for another chance to share a song that I enjoyed singing!

Hugs for you both.... Tillie

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congrats to the winners a great contest Denise....had fun and ty for my placement....

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J&D's CG@H#104 The Finals! <3Remembering Judie <3

Hello ladies!! You are all so welcome!! We had fun hosting for all of you. You all were wonderful to listen to!! Thanks for providing us with a great concert See you again real soon

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Thank you J&D for this great contest...
Was so enjoyable!!

Thank you very much for my pretty banner and placement...Love them all!
Congrats everyone and a special congrats to Carrie! Miss November! Bravo!
Hugs to all...
Have a great weekend everyone!


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CONGRATULATIONS to Miss November and the 2nd-5th Placings!!! You guys sang your hearts out!!

THANKS so much for the Participation Banner, Denise. It's GORGEOUS!!

I LOVE your contests, Denise and Johnny...no matter what the theme is