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Hi I’m sapphire Lesley daughter and Monday she has passed 3 yrs she absolutely loved this site and if it wasn’t for her doing this I would never see or hear my mum again and her grandchildren would never see or hear her she was my world n I miss her so much n I’m so great full to look back and hear n see her so thank u SingSnap n plz keep her on ur site cause that’s all I have thank u

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So sorry for your loss I know it's tough when you lose someone you love and care about I did this song the other night a friend of mine wants me to learn it so I can sing it at her funeral I don't know your Mom I've been on hear for a lot of years I hope it's okay to post it here you can delete if you don't like it
Title is Celebrate me home


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HAAHA! Thanks For the Nice Gift and lump of Coal Anonymous! You are so right! BAWK BAWK BAWK!

So sorry for your Loss. Its so nice to know you , and many of us, have a place to relax and enjoy those we love.. I have a friend that sang a song for my Mother that she loved here. Its a blessing. Enjoy your beautiful memories.

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Come and join the fun in the Singsnap Chorus forum/topic/b4196354

I am so sorry for your sad heartfelt thoughts go out to you and your family I am glad that Singsnap gave your mom some great joy to be here sing and to be part of our lovely community here... It is nice to meet you and welcome to Singsnap...hope you find the same joy your mom did here... Please accept my sincere condolences on your sad loss...and I hope you take comfort in listening to all her songs...

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So sorry for your lost , remember our moms are from heaven caring us .All my prayers for you and family

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I presume ye refer to Lesley "sapphire1" Fisher? ChunkeeMonkey found the possible match while I was offline.