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Congratulations everyone!!!!
And thank you to our host/judge for throwing this contest for us

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I'm in!
where do I say that?
Am I in?

YellowfinLEVEL 59

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow .... r/bfbb4db1d

Welcome To "MY CHOICE"

This is a contest where you the contestants will decide the winners. And all of the votes will be verified on the thread with code names.

First lets start with the entries. To enter just say you are in. Then submit the song you wish to be judged within the to be determined time. It can be fresh or a prerecord.

We will be accepting 20 entry's. You may enter a solo or duet but if it's a duet both partners will be required to listen and vote. Once we have reached that number we will close and all songs must be posted within 3 days.

You must post a comment on all entries. After the deadline or completion of all entries you will vote. You only need to pick one entry as your favorite. Then you send it to me....jackalson....along with a code name.....any name that only you will know. Like fussbucket or whatever.

Here's how you send me your vote....
I vote for #8 - My code name is pussyfoot.

The contestant with the most votes will earn a 1st place banner, the contestant with the second most will get second and the contestant with the third most gets third place.

After the banners are posted the results of votes with code names only will be posted so you and everyone else can verify that the winners are legit.

Pretty simple.

Your hosts are lilcracker (Anita) and jackalson (Allen).

Let's get started. Just say you are in and submit your song within the to be determined time.. I'll let you know when to vote.

Here is a small banner for those of you that wish to use it on your song.....


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