New Deep Voice

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RogerC7642LEVEL 8

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Looking for some songs for a very deep voice. Prefer Country.


Reply by ImaChristian2GOLD +2

Alan Jackson. Have fun!

havingagoLEVEL 83

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Out of the genres country seems to have the most bass-voiced singers.

Ones that spring to mind are Don Williams, Josh Turner, Don McClean, Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and from rock, Leonard Cohen. There are many songs here to choose from.


Reply by ZZ-EdGOLD

Looking for some songs for a very deep voice. Prefer Country.RogerC7642

I would think anything by Johnny Cash or Kris Kristofferson would be a good place to start.


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Try some of Eds Songs, He has a deep voice! LMBO!

daveiwLEVEL 56

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Wandering star , Lee Marvin, now thats low and deep and wide


Reply by billyboyblues

Deep Voice,, eh Try a band called Crash Test Dummies and a song called Superman...its the best

MrBill-12LEVEL 42

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Josh Turner is one of my favorite country singers with a really deep voice!

grant_danielsLEVEL 67

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Don Williams Josh Turner as well and Paul Brant

Cinderella80LEVEL 70

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Randy Travis & Trace Adkins. Not sure what they sing, but if you type in "Country singers with Bass voices" you'll get a list of singers that make the walls vibrate. LOVE me some Bass voices!