Naughty, Nice and Moody - The Perfect Trifecta!

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Oh The Holiday Feels!

Sing it with me SingSnap; "It's the most wonderful time of the year...." It's time to be naughty or if you prefer, Nice! Join us all month long as we celebrate those special bonds and friendships that you made right here on SingSnap! This will be your chance to purchase trinkets to give to your friends and let them know you think they're nice as can be - or maybe - a little on the naughty side (which can be nice too!)!

You Can Be Moody Too! With a Festive Touch!

We are also bringing back the fabulous Festive Mood Usernames which allow you to decorate your Username in beautiful hues of red and green, as well as share your festive mood! We have a variety of holiday inspired moods to use all month long - so don't hesitate! Get Moody today!

Gift The Give That Keeps On Giving!

Since this is the season for giving, don't forget you can purchase trinket packs and gift the entire pack to your SingSnap friends so they can distribute them to whomever they want!

How To Purchase The Holiday Goodies!

1. Click on the "Purchase" tab in the menu bar and then the "Current Promotions" button in the sub menu.

2. You are now on the Promotions Purchase Page. Select the product you wish to purchase.

3. Select the Value Package that best suits your needs.

3. Now you're ready to Buy! You can pay by either Paypal, SingSnap Credits or Credit Card.

4. Complete the transaction and proceed to the Distribution Center.

5. Select the product you wish to distribute.

6. You can now either select names from the list (hold down the CTRL button to select multiple people at once) OR type in the exact username of the intended recipient (including yourself!). Click Next.

7. Select the number of items you wish to give to your friend. Click Next!

7. Should you wish, you may now send along a personalized message with your gift! If you do not want to send a personalized message, simply leave the box blank. Once you're done, press the "Distribute" button and your product(s) will be delivered!

8. Please allow up to 10 minutes for activation of the Festive Mood Usernames.

How To Change Moods!

All of our festive emotions are waiting for you at the click of a mouse. "Happy" will be the default emotion. Should you wish to change your emotion, follow these simple steps!

1. Click the emoticon next to your name or click on the "Change Mood" button under your "name" in the navigational bar.

2. Select the mood that best fits how you're feeling.

3. Press Update! Please allow 5-10 minutes for the change to become active.

Is that's simple! We hope you'll enjoy this fun and interactive username!

Happy Snapkus!

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It's nice to be naughty ..

trojan55LEVEL 111

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I'm only giving nice gifts though > I must be getting old

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Exciting! Have fun!

Awesome! Lots of fun in December!

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Love this holiday theme


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BROADWAY BABY - r/c6b99ea29

I always get coal. Can't think why

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Edited reply by --Denny--

I am way too naughty ... I better pass

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I am way too naughty ... I better pass--Denny--

HO HO HO Hello Denny!

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Yes, It's nice to be naughty

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It is great to be alittle naughty sometimes! Spice of life!


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I am in a giving mood, so this looks like fun!!

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And what do you do with the coal & gifts after you get them?

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wow a lot of gifts