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Warning Safari v 14 Mac update has removed Adobe flash already so 3 moths before predicted year end when the Singsnap Beta site was aiming to be ready. I now can't use either site to record. If you're on a Mac disable auto updates if you don't want a similar fate.
How long before I can record on Beta?


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Just get the "SingSnap Karaoke II" from the App Store.


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The site does not use specific operating system only specific browsers. Chrome is the only remaining browser to support Flashplayer. Snap2.0 will be supported on Edge, Chrome & Firefox. So if you can download the Chrome browser for Mac. --- Just look for Chrome Browser using your Safari browser, Google will automatically detect your operating system.

Not sure how old this How To is, but it might help

Then once you get Chrome installed, you will need to set flashplayer permissions found in Settings > Privacy Security > Site Settings > Permissions - Additional Permissions is where you will find Flash.