Are YOU A Star?

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Are YOU a Karaoke Star?

Have you ever dreamed of having your name in lights? Or your very own star on the Hollywood walk of fame? This is your chance to be a walking, talking and singing Karaoke Star! Beginning today through the end of the month you can purchase a brilliant blue and red colored username as well as fabulous Star trinkets!

These star trinkets are super special. The more stars you receive, the bigger Karaoke SuperStar you'll become and your star color will change to match!

If you receive:
1-5 Stars: You will receive a Gold Star
6-10 Stars: You will receive a Purple Star
11-20 Stars:You will receive a Green Star
21-30 Stars: You will receive a Blue Star
31+ Stars: You will receive a Red Star

Don't forget, Karaoke Stars have to dress the part! The vibrant and vivacious Red and Blue username are available for purchase today! Psst.. Don't forget, anyone who purchases an item in the Karaoke Star promotion, gets a badge!

But that's not all! How about a cool microphone!

You can get one of those too! Everyone who receives the Red Star automatically receives the microphone for free! Don't hesitate - start collecting those stars!

Please Note: You can only Purchase the Gold Stars. The Star Icon next to your name will automatically change color once enough Gold Stars are earned to bump into the next Karaoke Star category. Everyone who purchases a product in the Karaoke Star promotion will receive an achievement badge!

How To Purchase Stars and Colored Usernames:

1. Click on the Purchase tab or scroll to the bottom of any page on SingSnap and click on the small star icon.

2. You are now on the Purchase Page. Click on Current Promotions. Select the product that you wish to purchase.

3. Select the Value Package that best suits your needs.

3. Now you're ready to Buy! You can pay by either Paypal or Credit Card.

4. Complete the transaction and proceed to the Distribution Center.

5. Select the product you wish to distribute.

6. You can now either select names from the list (hold down the CTRL button to select multiple people at once) OR type in the exact username of the intended recipient. Click Next.

7. Select the number of items you wish to give to your friend. Click Next!

7. Should you wish, you may now send along a personalized message with your trinket! If you do not want to send a personalized message, simply leave the box blank. Once you're done, press the "Distribute" button and your trinkets will be delivered!

The first Karaoke Star a member receives will give them the icon next to their name. Every trinket after that will be displayed as a numeric value next to the icon.

7. If you purchased a colored nick, please allow up to 20 minutes for activation!

Happy Singing!

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Thanks Novella!!!

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My entry for SUMMERFEST WEEK 3 / HAWAII! [ Had fun! Thank you for da Lovesss :-]

YAY !! Time flies....Fun stars again!!!
Loved the vid Nova!

"Getting some right now!"

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If we get enough Stars are we allowed to Moon people ..

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If we get enough Stars are we allowed to Moon people .. trojan55


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If we get enough Stars are we allowed to Moon people .. trojan55


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Love it ! Fun

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Love it!!!

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love this one

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This is awesome. Love the stars

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We're Looking For All The Karaoke Stars!

If YOU are a Karaoke Star, You will NOT want to this miss this! Click Here NOW !!

LOL Busy much Shannon hahahahahaha Not just toung tied in vid but on the header to lmao

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Thanks for the information

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Loving SS!


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My page says, "Are you a karaoke "stare" (sic)".
When I go to karaoke night, sometimes I do go and just "stare", lol!


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My page says, "Are you a karaoke "stare" (sic)".
When I go to karaoke night, sometimes I do go and just "stare", lol!Shenanigan

That's hillbilly for "star" Great info!


Reply by -CEZ-

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the only time i m a star is when i dream in my sleep

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I Wish I was one

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Maybe in another life

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Apparently not

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good comments enjoyed reading them

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You don't have to be a star be in my show

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Yay, stars are back!

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Cooper is doing better ... still needs prayers Doing the work thing <3 hugs <3

love it