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Hello everyone , friends , people with the same hobby
this week a have activated my gold membership , before i whas singing on the Redkaraoke website , bur these going to stop completely on 20 July 2019 / so i hope to see my old friends from Redkaraoke back here on Singsnap . On the other side i hope to make also new friends here .
I am 64 years old and now that i must not work anymore have i time to sing .
My homeland is Belgium ( Flanders) so normally i speak Dutch lenguage , i never had school for other lenguages but still i speak also some Englisch , French and German lenguage . What do i sing , not only oldies , but for my age its normal that i love songs from Elvis , Roy Orbison , Jim Reeves etc...... come to here me or sing a duet with me , you are allways welcome !! Greethings Richy-R ( Richard )

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Welcome Richy,
I to was on Redkaraoke but closed out
3 years ago , ,,,,,,,,

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My son-in-law Jon is in hospital he has spinal cancer and its an aggressive form! Cancer sucks!!!

Welcome back to Singsnap Richy ...I dont even know that website you talk about....just know this one....I actually think Singsnap tops any of the Karaoke websites on the internet.... But nice to see you back....


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Don’t you hate it when someone answers their own questions? I do.

Goed om te zien dat je meer tijd hebt om te zingen! Nu zul je weten waarom SingSnap de online karaoke-wereld beheerst! Veel plezier Richy-R!

PS I know what that says, but I can't read it! LOL