Southern/Coastal Texas Snappers

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Thinking of all of you, even though I don't know you. I am hoping for your safety, your health, and just holding you all close to my heart.

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LJ&D's CG@H#89 starts tomorrow @ 4pm est. <3

Mine and my family's prayers are with them all too!! God bless you all and keep you safe!!!
Stay strong!!!

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forum/topic/b5180bb8 Thks everyone for the gifts , hugs!!

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r/c4973fa25 Mac & cheese Challenge bring me Tourists*lol* yummy

everyone is also in my thoughts and prayers and Lord be with those who have lost Loved One's during this devastating storms...

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I'm in Houston right now and it's flooded really bad

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I'm in Houston right now and it's flooded really badGiggleboxy

Are you safe?
Is there anything we can do?

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Prayers for the people of the Texas gulf coast
So many down here have been flooded out of their homes.
I live NW of Houston and all is ok now .

Today the upper Texas coast being affected. Many folks in the Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange Texas areas having to be rescued from homes (many are elderly) .