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I wonder who has had a situation when they sang with others, or to others and really got a lift ? We all like singing so how has it helped in real life ? Anybody got a good story ?

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Ok not sure it is a good story but here is one of mine, I used to work for a company that made and sold guitar amplifiers, most of the people there were excellent guitar players so when we went round the China factories they would play and everyone would applaud then look at me, oops can't play the guitar. As is tradition, one night a karaoke night, I was really nervous, my chance to shine or be a complete failure, in the end it was fantastic I even ended up singing harmonies with an English speaking South Korean, music can really reach out and touch everyone (even when I am singing) . Maybe you had to be there


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Yes , i remember christmas time 2013, when a real good and close friend, Charliegirl, was very ill, and i mean really ill.
I composed, arranged and produced a song for her. As she said, it helped her a lot to see, feel and hear that someone is truly "at her side", even if i was thousands of kilometers far away ...
So it liftet her days and mine too, cause the feedback, she gave me, touched my heart that way, that i will never forget her.

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Wow it sounds as though it was a great comfort to you both, so nice

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I only have one story so far. I finally get into a band at 18...I had been trying to do something in music for so long but I was too young for anyone to take me serious. So I go to practice and the main guy tells me I'm singing through my throat too much and the crowd will never hear me over the music. I tried to sing how he wanted but I just wasn't getting it and I was getting frustrated (and cranky I think).

Then he comes up to the mic and screams the lyrics out so loud right by my face as I sang, and every time I went to throat he'd jab me in the stomach (not hard) lol. I almost ran out of there the first time cuz I was shy and the man was crazy.

This went on like three times, and somehow... for some reason, it worked. The jabbing made me realize physically when I was losing my diaphragm and the screaming of the song gave me the bar I had to reach to get the song loud enough. Crazy teaching technique, but he knew what he was doing. Crazy musicians

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SHARING THE MIC WITH MY KENTUCKY KUTIE watchandlisten/play/b86044869

There's only one thing that I like better than HARMONY, and that's grilled cheese sandwiches - both are great and very low in cholesterol... I'm always looking for someone that I can share the mic with and see how my harmony fits with their melody... But like life - sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you... - BOB (O)_(O)


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Odd I stumbled on to this thread. I was just thinking about two christmases ago, I was asked to solo a song with a choir backing me. I of course jumped at the chance. The song was a raucous rhythmic version of "do you hear what I hear." Due to other commitments I was unable to rehearse with the choir before performance night.

Performance night arrived and the air was electric. I was hoping it would all go well since everyone had made it to numerous rehearsals, where I had not made even one. The director told me the choir was in point, and I was excited.

The choir didn't come in until the second verse and when they did, it was like the old Memorex commercials where the guy is sitting in the chair and his tie is flying back and the ears of the dog at his feet were also flying back with the power of the sound coming at them. This wave of lush, STRONG harmonies hit me from behind with such force that I actually spun around and started singing TO the choir for the rest of the verse like we were fueling each other on. It was exhilarating. I was holding a mic and it didn't affect any of the sound so it was all good.

I don't think I smiled more during a performance or ever sounded better. It was one of my favorite musical memories.