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Hi There ...

Sponsorship Is A Beautiful Thing!

Whether you're on the giving or receiving end of Sponsorship - it is a great feeling! We all have had a time in our life where we were in need of a little help from our friends. We've also had those moments when we've been in a position to help those out who are going through difficult times.

That's what the Sponsorship program is all about on SingSnap. Reaching out when you're in need and reaching back if you're able to help. This space will be dedicated to helping connect both sides of the Sponsorship spectrum!

Requesting Sponsorship Guidelines:

If you are in need of a helping hand, feel free to follow these simple steps!

1. Visit the main Sponsorship Category
2. Click on the Post A New Topic button
3. Type a Topic Title in the space provided
4. Write your testimony in the 'Topic Text'
5. Press the 'Post Topic' button

Helpful Hints

Wait Until You're Almost-Blue - If you currently have a Gold Membership that is expiring - Please refrain from posting a request for sponsorship until your account is one week or less away from returning to Free Status (Blue).

Sharing Can Be Difficult - We know sharing your story can be difficult. We will do our best to ensure this space remains friendly and encouraging, so do your best and try to tell potential sponsors a little about yourself!

Keep It Simple - While sharing about your life and situation is great, don't feel you have to give every single detail! Keep it simple and genuine!

Create Your Own Space - Make sure you don't post on other people's threads. Follow the steps outlined above to ensure you get your own space to share your story!

Giving Gold Guidelines:

If you're in a position to help a fellow Snapper and decide to do so - Thank-You! It is an amazing gift you are giving and we're so thankful you're willing to help the community out!

Should you decide to sponsor:

Check our the testimonies in the Sponsorship Category. Once your find someone...

1. Visit the Gold Page.
2. Select the Plan you want to gift.
3. From the drop down menu, select 'Another Member'
4. Type in their Username
5. Follow the prompts!

Helpful Hints

You Can Be Anonymous - You don't ever have to let anyone know it was you who made the gift! This category will be monitored by SingSnap Staff and once we see a member has turned gold/received sponsorship, the thread will be removed in an effort to keep things organized!

You Can Use GMG - If you have GMG bundles, you can definitely use those to sponsor members! Simply go to the Distribution Center and click on the GMG banner.

Please Note:

The goal of this category is to create a safe and organized place for members of our community to connect during times of need. Please keep all comments friendly and encouraging!

This category will be monitored by SingSnap Staff. Once someone either receives sponsorship or returns to Gold Status, their thread will be removed to ensure those still needing assistance are easily accessible.

If anyone suspects abuse of the sponsorship system, please send a message to SingSnap Staff.

We'd like to offer a sincere thank-you to every member of our community who participates in the Sponsorship Program. Sharing the gift of music is a beautiful thing and we're truly grateful to have such caring and compassionate members in our community!

Thank-You and Happy Singing!