Feedback for the May Newsletter

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Thank you very much for the great newsletter. I really enjoyed reading it!

Happy Brexit everyone,

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You dumbass, look in the correct section!

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Thanks for your suggestion. You could have been a little less offensive though. This a SAFE place for everyone. #SingSnapMatters #AllSingSnappersMatter #NoOffense

Happy Brexit,

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Happy Brexit!

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Or not.

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great read

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thanks for the great newsletter

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thanks for the newsletter

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thanks for newsletter

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thank you for the good read

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What an amazing newsletter!

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Which bit are you happy about?

- Devalued currency?
- Broken promise over NHS funding (combined with devaluation of Pound making the funding crisis worse)?
- Good Friday peace agreement in chaos?
- Losing access to history's most successful trade agreement?
- Losing global influence?
-Losing power of veto on EU policy?
- Sacrificing the sovereign power of Parliament via hastily passed Withdrawal bill?
- Threat to food chain?
- Threat to our human & employment rights?

Or are you still hoping for your unicorn?


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Love it!! Wish the newsletter would come back....

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Where is the news letter?

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Where is the "Real" May newsletter?

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Looking for May Newsletter

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Thank you.

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Great Information

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hello I want to thank you'll making it possible to have news letter I enjoy reading the news letter plus you'll give good advise you talk about the people chat room, the president of singsnap the famous people birthdays thank you so much I look forward when go the website two thumbs up all stars*******

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one more thing my birthday is May you'll celebrate you'll give balloons on my birthday you reminds me again thank you

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Just typing this for an achievment point, cheers!