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I was on SS for quite a while until I caught on to how to make song backgrounds.

Now, this is how I do it.

There may be better ways...but this is what works for me.

So...for what it's worth...I'm giving it to you.

Some years ago, I came across this code:

[b][background font=Merriweather+Sans fontColor=#FFFFFF contentColor=#000000 opacity=30]http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.jpg[/background][/b]

I'm sure there are others...but this is the one that I use.


If I record a song by Elvis, I might want to put a photo of him on the page....

I would simply go to for "Elvis"...or "young Elvis"....or "Elvis on Stage"...doesn't matter.

Then click on Google "images" under the Google search bar....and voila. Lots of Elvis photos. Then simply find the one you on it...and then RIGHT click (PC only = I don't speak Apple) and click on "copy image address."

Then...I will go to ANY song that I've already created a background for on "edit" and expose the "information window" and then I will "mark and paste" over the code there from where I've marked BELOW with >>>>> <<<<<

[b][background font=Merriweather+Sans fontColor=#FFFFFF contentColor=#000000 opacity=30]>>>>>><<<<<<[/background][/b]

When that's done....I simply mark and copy the ENTIRE code in the box and then LEAVE that page WITHOUT SAVING (I don't wish to change THAT page...simply to use it as a TEMPLATE for the new page)

That way...I can always find the code i want to use to INSERT my new photo into because it's the same on every song I've done.

Then...simply go to your NEW EDIT...and PASTE into the window. Then SAVE...and your song now has a new background.


Yes...if later the photo you linked is moved or deleted your nice looking song background will either go blank or be ruined.

Here's an example of the code in use:

Here is the code:

[b][background font=Merriweather+Sans fontColor=#FFFFFF contentColor=#000000 opacity=30][/background][/b]

I simply found this photo

And copied the address and pasted it over whatever other photo was already there.

NOTICE where you want to paste will always start with http:// and end at...


Here's another...

Same code:

[b][background font=Merriweather+Sans fontColor=#FFFFFF contentColor=#000000 opacity=30][/background]

I simply marked and pasted over with..

This all might seem cumbersome. Particularly if you're not all that used to writing code. (I wasn't either) But...if you break it down to simply COPY/PASTE/COPY/PASTE's really quite easy. ..and after you've done it a few time it will come quite naturally.

Feel free to copy and paste this code if you want.
It's not mine but I've been doing it this way for years.

I hope someone finds this helpful.