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Where are all the HAWAII people? I would like to hear from you!

Aloha, As I am trying to get familiar with the new BETA SINGSNAP, I got as far as recording my song, but as much as I tried,the music just doesn't sync with my voice. It sounds so off. I need some help with this please. Thanks so much. Pam Kagamida

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HI PAMELA, Lets see if You have tried this or if it will help:

Sign in to Beta,
On the top black header bar next to your profile picture, click on the 3 dash bars (menu)

On the drop down, click on My Recordings,
On the song you would like to try and sync, click on the 3 dots to the right of that song

On That drop down, click on Remix Recording, click on sync and on the sync adjuster click on that up to 200 plus or minus
Start there and go plus or minus ( I have been as high as 350 minus on one of my attempts to try and get it sore of close, LOL
Don't forget to click on the check mark before you leave the sync bar,

Hopefully that will be corrected in a future update

Note, like the Legacy Edition, Remix is only available for a couple of days

Big Hugs, Hope this may help


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You could also watch this video! It's Rob, a staff member explaining how to get your sync right in Beta!

Good luck!