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we are really REALLY poor this week and i need to save my 77 recordings, many of which have my son in the background somewhere and he now lives with his dad and his partner that he had a five year affair with- (a nice lady if one can look past the adulteress aspect but i hate someone else getting to play mom every day)- mostly because she has her own home and an established business being his boss and 15 yrs senior. they live 2 hours away and these recordings are the last evidence of my life as a happy person. when i joined i made all these through singsnap rather than the other ones i am a member of who all let me save my recordings and upload them to my youtube channel, thinking that i could always keep a hundred recordings safe in the free account. had i known it would change to 5 i wouldn't ever have used this one... i hope they will change the policy somehow, but anyway can someone please sponsor me this time?!

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R.I.P., Dansolman, SDingus 'n COVID-19 victims*Pray 4 West Coast fire victims*2,934 songs uploaded.

You can also duet/harmonize(silently) with your other account and have those recordings saved there.

Looks like someone sponsored you this time.

Stay safe.