R.I.P. Bill_Wolfsong

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I just received news that Bill_Wolfsong passed away due to his numerous medical issues (heart and lungs). We were very good friends on SS and FB and had many chats on various subjects on both sites. He is now running free in spirit along with the wolf that is his animal persona (hence his SS nic). R.I.P. Wolfy, gonna miss your oracle and card reading postings on FB but you're in a better place now.

We co-hosted a contest together over a year ago and he has participated in a few of mine. I remember awarding him the Host Favorite banner for my New Year celebration contest (featuring drinking songs) in Dec 2019 for his rendition of.....



Bill and I were very good friend for a number of years he is missed dearly but will never be forgotten Teresa


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Any decision we make in life is a gamble. Sometimes we win, other times we lose.

Bill posted songs for as long as he could on
The Singing Friends From Afar Club, then as months and months passed by, his illnesses lessened the time he could be on SingSnap. He would always feel very bad about being behind on his listens. He did very much want to overcome being so very ill.

Bill sure did love to sing.

I am very saddened to hear of his passing.
Rest in peace Bill. Your voice is now soaring eternally with the glorious Angels.


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I knew Bill...was sick for many years...with COPD .......how sad to hear ...he is gone....but....his place...within our hearts...will always remain...in his kindness...his smile.....RIP,my friend.....your struggles are gone.......


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Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again even if you Change Your Mind

So sad to learn of Bill’s passing. We met on Singing Friends and we’ve done a few duets together. You will be dearly missed Bill. R.I.P. my sweet friend.




I am deeply sorry to hear about Bill passing, He was a good decent friend, whom I will never forget. God Bless you , I will never forget you Bill, never. You are free from C.O.P.D
R.i.p dearest Bill. Lot of Love ....

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I'm so very sad to hear of the passing of Bill "Wolfy" Wilson. We met on SS, shortly after I first joined. We started messaging about our Scottish ancestry and the native american totem animal that we had in common. Mine is Chris Lone Wolf...from my many years spent with native american flute circle gatherings. Our friendship would continue, often calling each other "Wolf Bro". Bill suffered so many health issues, but now he is at rest. Thank you for all you shared Wolfy.....Your Wolf Bro....Chris.

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R.I.P. Brother...

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I am so sad about bill's passing....he was always so much fun to sing with....he was a very nice man....he will be dearly missed....rest in peace Bill

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The news makes me very sad. Bill told me about his health problems, but he always thought positively. He gave me strength when he found out about my diagnosis. That was a year ago and I haven't heard from him since. I've often wondered how he's doing. Bill was such a lovely person and I miss him very much. Bill, you will always have a place in my heart.

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wow i am sad to hear this R.I.P Bill i hope everything is better for you now.

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I knew Bill quit good for many years he was a very nice person and he so loved to sing and he did that as long as he could;
Thank you for all the great singing and friendship.
Rest In Peace my friend and listen to us from above No more pain now ....

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Contest now full & in progress: forum/topic/a6f4e9a

Bill being Scottish by birth, it's only logical and right to honour his memory with a virtual pour of his favourite drink, Rusty Nails (a mix of Drambuie and Scotch whisky). Here's to you, Wolfy:

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Ik hou van jou, alleen van jou, ik kan niet leven in een wereld zonder jou. Stay safe all of you!

I never had the honor to meet him on SS, but he is in a better place now, without pain...R.I.P.

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R. I. P Bill

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Singing Friends From Afar Club---Get More Listens-->Welcome!

++R.I.P. Billy!++

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Shocktober Wk 3-Rev Groove:r/bb89c4f9d

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Awww I knew Bill for many years he lived in Scotland and we would chat via PM...I have dueted with him on occasion. I shall miss him so very much Sleep in Peace my dear friend until we meet up again

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Sad to see a Singsnap brother go; R.I.P Bill

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So sad.....R.I.P. Bill

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My biggest fan, my best friend on Sing Snap, my fellow wolf lover and one of the sweetest friends I had on my side, always. He lived in Scotland so we couldn't be friends in person even though we both would have loved that. He has been an ear for me since 2014. He sang this song to me back in 2018 when I was fighting for my life. It made me cry with joy. This is a new recording but the same song. He has been struggling so long with COPD, heart and other health issues. He was struggling basically alone too. He had no one to help him or take care of him. I so wanted to be able to be a real friend and help him but we both knew I couldn't, that it wasn't possible. I'm gonna miss him with all my heart. I love you Bill. I will miss you everyday. Your friend always and forever Brenda
My heart is just broken.
William (Bill)(Wolfy)Wilson
How Great Thou Art

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Early days 1950's
New Horizons
Part 1

Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland circa 1950's
Mines etc.
A Life Story
Early life was never an easy task for me in Lochgelly on my walk through my younger life.

With my father being in the police, I was bullied and harassed at school because it seemed to be the thing to do, yet sometimes I made a point of being in trouble for the hell of it. That you don't realise until you are older and wiser. I eventually withdrew into my inner world where things started to make sense.

You could say my life never really started until I was 8 years old. I had a life changing accident, partly my own fault for saving a life, a dogs life. The dog , Rover was a scruff but would always follow me everywhere. Once I got a bit older I realised he was sent by the spirits above to guard over me and be a companion. Butt he did have a nasty habit of chasing motor bike tyres , and this time he did it for the last time , although he didn't pay the price, I did.

The last bike he chased decided to turn on him as the rider went in a tight circle to aim for the dog . But I, without understanding what I was doing decided to jump in the way and kick Rover away . When I came to I had been rushed to hospital with half a face and severe concussion . from what I gather from family , after the fact. I had been 50/50 whether I would survive or not.

It had been a fact I eventually found out I had a NDE (Near Death Experience). I did not understand any of this at such a tender age, and eventually life carried on, apart from a lot of trips to get my face rebuilt, which went on for over a year.

At that time I started to become more interested in Philosophy and Mythology. Also read a lot of what would be termed Fairy tales by those who are not as clued into the spiritual realms. Was much later in life, when my health plummeted I found some semblance of a way to find a new beginning .
This page is mostly for my Memoirs, Creative musings, Poetry, Painting and Photography. Which will gradually take form. The root of my beginnings will probably be on my blog once I start that. My roots stem from The Highlands of Scotland and through Ireland, also, through DNA research, Norway, and lands beyond which will come clear, but confusing to me at times. It is basically a self realisation journey in some ways.

I have just started getting into painting with acrylics for a new pastime as I have had to make lots of life changes over the past few years due to health issues, I am also an ardent online karaoke singer on Singsnap. I am also a Reiki and Spiritual healer and was in practice for a few years , but since I got worse with my COPD most healing work is on the self. I still do healings but mostly through distance work and prayer. Since I stopped doing practice work, most healings have been for donations to Greenpeace or World Wildlife Fund . I have much more to add on my spirit path in between once I figure out how to say what I need to bring forth .

Twenty years ago the jobs that I were in had dismantled my health bit by bit. Miner, Steelworker. . Between the fumes and the coal dust and smoking like a train on the taxis though boredom. This about killed me, and am still on a downward slope but thankfully still here.

After about three years of town life in The Fort another move was made to a more secluded area, where everybody knew everybody in a close knit community. These were some of the best days of my life.as I healed my soul; source , partly through the grandeur of the scenery gifted to us by God - of course the do call Scotland ( God's Country ). I was still working taxis then , but had cut down the hours as at that time some of the regulations had changed, which meant that anybody that could drive could get a license without doing the taxi tests. And with that a flood gate was opened and most drivers takings started to dwindle to half what they had previously been.

After a heartbreaking five years or so when the Galvanising plant shut down due to the Tory ministers jumping on the unions. Jobs were no longer safe, and had went through two strikes with Margaret Thatcher's heavy mob, and had enough of heavy industry work. At roughly the same time my marriage fell apart after seventeen years in which we tended to drift separate ways, me I was always the outdoor type, and while I could I managed over time to cycle my way all over Scotland. I mostly did touring on bike as at that time I didn't bother about a car.

My first wife's passion was for dancing and nightclubbing, which I never judged her for, some say I should have stopped it , but it was her life, not mine to order her about, we were supposed to live as a team of divergent people who joined together under a solemn vow. Sadly some do not see that a vow has meaning and actually is part of a soul contract, and is not just a physical bonding but a spiritual bonding, but she decided to run off with a previous boyfriend who had gone to the forces , turning his back on her in the process only to come back and shatter two families in pieces as he was already married , leaving me with three kids to cope with

Then I started running two jobs at the time, one behind the bingo bar, and the other in another public house,bar work and karaoke, karaoke because the boss knew I had been an M.C. previously and had done amateur work on stage .

I managed in some ways, but it was difficult being both Mum and dad to three adolescent teenagers. I did the best I could. Needless to say I got no parental help from the mother at all. And some wonder where I lost trust, my life was shattered and the best of it was I loved this woman with body and soul and never once was disloyal. My vows were sacrosanct to me. But I have never really got over this part of my life as the pain went so deep. I seemed to have a tendency to run myself ragged..

On the singing side, it run in the family. From the age of around nine, after my accident I got an interest in most things musical. I didn't really have much option as most of the family played an instrument , but I remember my Grandad and Dad saying I used to sing like a wee Linnet. Musical instruments came later in my teens after my Dad trying to force his accordion on me. To me it was a hideous heavy beast , and I still wasn't sure if there was a wild cat kept inside, I still thought that about bagpipes as well.

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Part 2

My immediate generation before me were ten siblings - five Aunts , my Dad and four Uncles, plus my Grandad, So if you were asked to sing you didn't get a chance to cut and run. At least seven of them played the accordion. Plus my Grandad played the Euphonium in the Salvation Army Band, Gran even got involved with her tambourine. Luckily the local constabulary couldn't say anything as the inspector was also in the Salvation Army and played the trumpet. You could just imagine the noise from Gran's house.

At least once a month they would take to the local park pavilion and sit and play and entertain the passersby.

Moving out to greener pastures 1995

A change from looking outwards to looking inwards on my own spiritual search and inner learning and healing leading up to a Doctorate in Metaphysics and being ordained. It was like I was guided to be here with all the scenery to choose from to be in bliss.
7 Year wilderness living

Although when we first moved North, we ended up in a house swap which was a bit of a disaster for the first week as the house had to get fumigated because of fleas from the previous owners dog. Actually, the dog was fine. Ju8st the lazy person who had the dog would keep it clean. That was my first hello to Fort William, and it was actually bigger than I had assumed having been more a tourist to the area before I didn't realise there were houses spreading all the way up the side of a mountain. Fun and games if you had a dram too many. This thing was steep, I got to the stage of getting a taxi up the hill at all times.

You could say life had taken an upturn as my health and mind cleared from the old life and taking on new challenges. Three things changed my life in ways , one was pulling a part time job as a film extra and being able to do my own thing with no pressures. Even running my own taxi business became a breeze to start with and the money just poured in with The Fort being the tourist capital of Scotland for climbers, skiers, fishermen , ramblers and mountain bikers . The final thing was a fundamental way of seeing like in a more spiritual vein. This was a challenge and a change much needed. But the path was never easy for me in any stage of my life. Challenges were thrown at me to test my faith and my inner courage

Fort William
Spiritual Healing


My Mediation Spot Looking Over Loch Leven
Heading Away From The Rat Race
Eventually I got married again. With good and bad results.

In 1993 my second wife and I were married about a year when we decided to drop everything and move out to the highland mountains. I had always camped around the Glencoe area and decided on Fort William, partly for my sanity and some quietude and partly as our son ended up with a severe disability and had to have a lung removed and started having fits. There was more help around the area we went to at the time that there had been in Fife. This was where I found part of my calling ending up as a taxi driver as people found it easy to talk with me and I suppose I was an unpaid psychologist in ways that will come to light in due course

An Urge For Music and Entertainment
Moving On
© W.F.Wilson 2017
Moving from home at 21 1973

Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland circa 1970's
Full Circle {- Back to Kirkcaldy

In a block of flats at the beggining
I live just along this shoreline (Esplanade)
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So sad to hear of this kind mans passing. Bill would always leave sincere comments on my songs and at times would visit my "studio" for no reason than to have a listen and leave a comment. He will be missed in the SS community. Apparently, he lead an interesting, yet challenging life. My condolences to his family.

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R/I/P. Bill, you never ever forgot to visit our pages and comment
we will miss you ,,,,,,,,,,

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So sorry to hear. Pat informed me. I n a way, we have a large, large family here. Bill was a family member, that I didnt often see or hear, and I always regret that I didnt see more!

I did hear him some, make no mistake, and maybe I can go back and hear some more. Usually we can. I did read various updates, from him, about his health, but it's been a while.

Sad to lose ANY of our "family" - always!!!!


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"Try To Remember" r/bd850cffd Blessings/Prayers

I knew Bill was struggling with medical issues on a daily basis, but
he was a warrior in his battle to rise again and continue singing.
He was always kind and sometimes very witty in his comments. Always
said, when he was better, he would cross the Pond and take me dancing!
I am very sad he has left this earthly plane but at least he's free from all of
his pain. You will be greatly missed by all of your SS Family!



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I never knew Bill, so sorry to hear this sad news....
it is always sad hearing of friends known on here that have passed away,
they are always missed....but always remembered....
and I am sure your very good friend Bill will be remembered and missed too ....

magz .....

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This is truly heartbreaking news . He is free now though , no more pain and suffering .

I will truly miss him ....

Singsnap Angels have gathered around another of their own ....

RIP Bill


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I just hate this... yes, I know he is in a better place now... but I'm still here and his passing has left a pretty deep pain in my heart...

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I hadn't known Bill as long as some of you but he certainly made an impression. Such a sweet man. I met him on one of Sissy's contests and we became good friends. He was a good friend to all!

I kept the "Wolfy Awards" he would give us when he really loved what we did. I enjoyed visiting on Facebook too.

He fought long and hard to stay here with us, but he was very tired and had to go. I know we will all miss him...a lot. Big hugs to all. No more pain. COPD is a terrible thing. Not being able to breathe.

He's free from all that now.


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Oh. Wow .. thos is a punch in the gut..
I have only known him a few years,
But we hit it off, shard many interest and became fast friends....and wasnt long before he added me to his pack. this is really hitting me kinda hard. I... i ... gotra go

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This is one of my favorite duets with Bill.
first time I had heard him laugh...
I will never forget it.

anyway... if you will indulge me, I'd like to share it.

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Ty 4 me a treat today <3 Shocktober r/b76a6700d

Going to miss those fabulous recording Bill but I know you're in a better place and there is no suffering anymore and you're in a beautiful and comfortable Spirit at this moment....

I will always remember you.. your cousin Frankie blue... who is still here hanging around and singing...


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I am going to miss you MY FRIEND your silliness and the way you always made me smile you always was so kind to me .You are at peace now you will always be MY FRIEND and I will miss you Bill .... Ann

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MY DODGERS just WON the WORLD SERIES*YAY* Thank You Mystikopal I have GOLD for a year Your an Angel

Bear 3 paws is strolling in her wheelchair*Hi Everyone*

RIP Brother Wolf*crys* we did duets together and I'm really gonna miss Him LOTS.... now you can Sing with the Angels... his Death has really hit me hard*sighs*

Love You Brother Wolf*hugs up to You in Heaven*

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Visiting the Beach this Week!

Remembering our dear friend Bill (Wolfy).

He said some really nice things about me, like that I looked not a day over 40. That always wins a lot points for a lady in her 60s. Now I am sure he was fooling with me, but that's OK.

So sorry to hear that he has passed on. Am glad he is no longer in the misery of the medical problems that he had that kept him from singing for many months.

We will see him in that heavenly choir someday playing his native american flute.
Rest in Peace and heartfelt sympathies for his family.


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Hey everyone, I just did a Tribute to Bill
It is set as on OPEN INFINITE DUET
I hope you will join in with me SingSnap choir style
and may our voices resonate into the heavens
riding on all our love and prayers.


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Hey everyone, I just did a Tribute to Bill
It is set as on OPEN INFINITE DUET
I hope you will join in with me SingSnap choir style
and may our voices resonate into the heavens
riding on all our love and prayers.


new link to join us : http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/ba8d2f86d

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Im going to try and update the link as people join so I don't end up with a bunch of duets.

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Contest now full & in progress: forum/topic/a6f4e9a

It's only right and fitting to honour Wolfy's memory with a song from his country of birth, Scotland. I uploaded the track and recorded the song especially for the occasion. Apologies if my voice is breaking in some parts, just couldn't help feeling emotional while singing. The song is called "Loch Lomond" based on a late 19th century Scottish poem:

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Ok I checked with support about how to do this
This was their reply:

"We have volunteers that review recordings and then our developers mix everyone together manually all at once. There isn't a way to do that on the site at this time. So you would need to coordinate a list of people to sing in a row passing the link of their layer to the next person on the list.
It's usually pretty time consuming as not everyone can sing daily.

I am willing to put in the time and effort for Bill if ya'll are.
so let's start a list

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List started
PM me to be added

1. sylviapl65 (completed) http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/ba8d2f86d

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This is just to much to bare! We have lost way to many SS members this awful year!!! 2020 really just sucks!!! Bill meant a lot to me. We had a lot of PM conversations over the years and supported each other through some tough times! RIP my friend!! You're now breathing freely!!!! Love you!!



Come to PoppyCats Daily & sing for us - this is where the fun never stops!


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TDC I love that picture. He would have loved it so much.