Still so slow

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MarilynDavidLEVEL 3

Post by MarilynDavid

The site is slowing down to a crawl. singsnap is aware of it. I just wish they would tell us when they will be able to handle the increased gets so frustrating....makes you get good at mulitasking.

LAngeloMysteriosoLEVEL 1

Reply by LAngeloMysterioso

Site performance is spotty for weeks now. Very frustrating, if not infuriating when it occurs.

AkaraokeloverLEVEL 36

Reply by Akaraokelover

At least we aren't paying for it, lol .

TellisaLEVEL 24

Reply by TellisaGOLD

It's slow so while i wait I play solitaire on this If you play, my name over there is Drillers-wife...its fun and addicting..just like sing-snap!!!!

cyrussingsLEVEL 21

Reply by cyrussings

ya the site is very very slow. Each song takes 25 minutes to download, on a high speed broadband internet connection. ALso to play others' songs it takes ages for the song to be heard and it keeps buffering. Wonder i this will ever be rectified ! im still waiting to hear soomeones song for the past 1 Hour ! VERY SLOW

NovellaLEVEL 111

Reply by NovellaSTAFF +12

Everything works perfectly fine for me??? Its never slow.. certainly not 25 minutes to download anything? There are times when it crashes but nothing like this..

LAngeloMysteriosoLEVEL 1

Reply by LAngeloMysterioso

The site performance has been outstanding since the last upgrade. Before that it was intermittantly very bad. They added new severs/capacity and that seems to have done the trick.

I would look at my own system if I was experiencing problems at this point.

LaNellLEVEL 33

Reply by LaNell

It's been working great for me.

cyrussingsLEVEL 21

Reply by cyrussings

I agree.. i would look at my system too but.... it is slow at my night time (INDIA) when internet traffic is not too much. it is fast at other times. I fit was a problme with my system, i guess it would be at all times, not at intervals !

GlizzieLEVEL 8

Reply by Glizzie

It's working great for me since the upgrade on Dec. 22.